During this strategic business-building session, organizational improvement and transformation expert Erick Simpson covers:

  • The 6 focus areas of your business to create real quarter-over-quarter business improvement.
  • The 1 meeting agenda to hold your team accountable to the tasks needed to realize improvement.
  • The 4 fundamental beliefs you must be willing to embrace to prepare yourself and your organization for improvement.

Watch this session if:

  • You don’t have enough control over your time or your company. Instead of controlling your business, it’s controlling you.
  • You’re frustrated with your people: staff, clients, vendors or partners. They don’t seem to listen, understand you or follow through with their actions. No one seems to be on the same page.
  • You simply aren’t generating enough profit.
  • You’ve hit the ceiling and growth has stopped. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get to the next level. You feel overwhelmed and unsure what to do next.
  • You’ve tried various strategies and nothing has worked for long, and as a result, your staff has become numb to new initiatives. You’re spinning your wheels, and you need help to move again.

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