Automating Documentation: How to Use Automatic Documentation to Increase Productivity

Documentation can help boost efficiency by ensuring easy access to critical information. However, the documentation process itself can get time-consuming as information starts to pile up. The best way to solve this is by automating documentation.

Watch Kelvin Tegelaar, founder and tech blogger at, conduct an in-depth session on how to use scripting to create automatic documentation with your RMM system. By automating your standard documentation, you can free up your resources time by removing repeatable actions and never having out-of-date documentation again.

This session will cover:

  • How to build documentation with automation in mind
  • How to leverage existing systems for automatic documentation
  • How to achieve a higher level of employee satisfaction by removing busy work.

Wait, there’s more. You’ll also get access to the following takeaway files just by attending the webinar.

  • One script to automatically document Bitlocker keys for workstations
  • One script to automatically document Active Directory infrastructure
  • One script to automatically document File and Share permissions.

Watch now!

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