Why You Need to Create. Process-Driven Culture with IT Documentation

As an IT leader, you need to run your IT team as effectively as possible, and require your team to be self-managing without compromising on quality. IT leaders require solution options for creating cultural buy-in for a central repository for internal standards, controls, documentation, onboarding materials and more.

Register for this webinar on April 4th, where our special guest presenter Allen Edwards, President of Eureka Process will present his philosophy as to why world-class organizations need to build a progressive culture of documentation. Allen will deliver THE playbook IT leaders need for creating the culture required for scaling and systemizing their IT operations for long-term success.

Key topics will explore the building blocks to creating a culture of documentation, including: 

  • Why you need to build a process-driven culture with an automated network of discovery, documentation and diagramming at your disposal
  • How to get your team documenting everything for an always-on single source of truth
  • Recommendations to integrate and work seamlessly with your tech stack, for streamlined workflows

Attendees will see first-hand the power of the IT Glue documentation platform with an in-depth walkthrough.

Fill in the form to register for this webinar.

Fill in the form to register for this webinar