Information sprawl is one thing, but the real root of TechSoft System’s challenge came down to getting buy-in from the team, something that just wasn’t happening for their previous solution. After coming across IT Glue, Benjamin Schneider tells us how they got their team on board with documentation.

Company: TechSoft Systems
Location:  Cincinnati, OH
Founded: 1983
Employees: 11
IT Glue Partner since: 2018

“The biggest hurdle for getting buy-in at the ownership level was ‘what does this software get us that the other things don’t do?’ But we were able to sell our CEO on IT Glue in a couple of weeks, and it’s turned out great for him.”

The Challenge

Techsoft’s Benjamin Schneider had been working hard to create his own documentation solution, but found getting buy-in from the rest of the team was a nightmare. Before IT Glue, they had a fileshare that was available in the office, but not off site, and not in the server room, creating difficulties when it came to accessibility. The array of text files, pdfs, and Word documents also created a lack of organization, so much so, that even after it was fully deployed, the solution still didn’t work for everyone.

“I was trying to make something that was available on site, and it was okay, just not great,” Benjamin explains. “Some people thought there were too many options, but most of all, it just wasn’t convenient for our users.”

The Solution

TechSoft began seeking other options, which is when they came across IT Glue through an email. After investigating, they saw a high possibility that the solution could work for them. “Any information that isn’t already in there, I can put in their programmatically, and not work so hard at updating documentation.”

“IT Glue also allows me to share documentation with clients more easily, and it’s more standardized, for all of our clients. When they need to look for something, they know where to find it.”

TechSoft found far greater adoption with IT Glue. The team sat down for some ‘dinner and learns,’ and alongside their pizza, walked through the software. They explored IT Glue’s shortcuts, how it was organized, and how it hooks into ConnectWise and vice versa, alongside how automation works and how staff can create documents themselves.

The Results

Right after TechSoft deployed IT Glue, one of the larger clients replaced all of their multifunction printer/scanner/copiers. “It wasn’t easy to deploy the account codes, so one of our engineers created a How To document in IT Glue, shared the link with all the clients, and reduced the amount of help desk tickets for that project alone by around 95%.”

To make things easier, TechSoft assigned tasks in order to get things documented, “Like, this week you do 10 product keys, 3 servers, and so on. It’s still a work in progress for documenting all of the environments. We’re probably about 90% documented. But the rest of the stuff is the little one-off processes, like removing a user from this organization, and a lot of How To documents.”



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