PulseOne, founded in 2002 in Ventura, CA, delivers IT management solutions to small- and mid-sized companies with a team of technology and results-driven experts. Initially a regional IT services company, PulseOne focuses on strong client relationships and addressing both strategic and day-to-day IT needs.

In 2016, they acquired ICS to expand change management and operational support services, adding nationwide project and service management capabilities. By 2020, PulseOne maintained offices in Montana, New Jersey, Tennessee and Southern California.

As a nationwide IT services company, PulseOne prioritizes supporting local businesses with dedicated customer service and strong relationships. Combining the approachable, responsive attention of a local company with enterprise-level expertise, PulseOne offers comprehensive business solutions that are functional, operational, strategic and visionary.

Company: PulseOne
Location:  Ventura, CA
IT Glue partner since: 2013

At PulseOne, we’re always striving to deliver an amazing, excellent end-user experience… if your techs and engineers aren’t able to get to documentation fast [or] if they’re not able to get to documentation at all because it wasn’t documented, ultimately the end-user experience is terrible… that’s what’s always driving us at PulseOne… how do we keep making the end-user experience as best as possible [and] as fast as possible.

– — – Chad Wiggins, PulseOne Co-Founder and Partner


PulseOne is dedicated to delivering an exceptional end-user experience, crucial for customer retention and growth. Without efficient access to documentation, technicians take longer to resolve tickets and address customer needs, leading to a poor end-user experience. This negatively impacts customer retention and growth. For PulseOne, enhancing the speed and quality of service is paramount.


PulseOne adopted IT Glue and MyGlue to streamline and enhance their IT documentation processes. Initially, PulseOne managed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), passwords and asset information through disparate systems like SharePoint, spreadsheets and PSAs. IT Glue consolidated these elements into a single, efficient tool. This integration allowed for fluid and evolving IT documentation, adapting alongside the changing technology landscape.

Key benefits of IT Glue included:

  • Efficiency: Technicians could access information quickly, allowing lower-level techs to perform tasks typically reserved for higher-level staff.
  • Operational continuity: Ensured smooth operations even when technicians were unavailable.
  • Security: Enhanced password management with a purpose-built solution.
  • Access control: Improved control over documentation access.
  • Relationship mapping: Enhanced visibility of relationships within the documentation.

“When we are assessing the suite of features of IT Glue, we look at what will benefit the end-user the most. Starting with that frame of reference will ensure your technicians have access to what they need most.”

– — – Chad Wiggins, PulseOne Co-Founder and Partner


The implementation of IT Glue and MyGlue brought significant improvements to PulseOne’s operations. Technicians benefited from streamlined documentation, which included comprehensive knowledge base articles and effective access control. Streamlined documentation resulted in quicker service times, improving the end-user experience. The transparency provided by IT Glue allowed clients to see PulseOne’s performance, enhancing trust and satisfaction. Additionally, PulseOne’s business development team leveraged MyGlue to demonstrate capabilities to new clients, showcasing features that set them apart from competitors.

By integrating IT Glue, PulseOne achieved:

  • Enhanced documentation quality and efficiency.
  • Improved end-user experience with transparent operations.
  • Increased ability to support customer self-help through knowledge base articles.
  • Stronger client relationships due to operational transparency and trust.

Overall, IT Glue transformed PulseOne’s approach to IT documentation, significantly boosting their service delivery and client satisfaction.


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