To be a best-in-class MSP, you need to learn about what other great MSPs do, and adopt those practices into your own company.

René Verhagen, founder and CEO of NetServe, a 12-person MSP in South Holland, epitomizes this approach. He researches MSP best practices even when he travels, leaving no stone unturned to improve the competitiveness of his company.

Company: NetServeIT
Location: Papendrecht, NL
Founded: 1996
Employees: 12
IT Glue Partner since: 2014

“Adopting IT Glue was a no-brainer. I felt that it was going to solve a number of problems I was facing”
– documentation, knowledge sharing, SOPs among them.

The Problem

“In May 2013, I was visiting beautiful British Columbia with one of my sons,” René describes. “The purpose of our trip was mainly leisure, but I combined it with some business interviews. I was very eager to talk to MSP owners while in Canada, so I visited two in Calgary and two in Vancouver.”

“I selected Fully Managed, Chris Day’s MSP, to be one of them and spent an hour talking to Chris about the various aspects of running our businesses. One of the topics that came up was how Fully Managed handled documentation.”

The Solution

“Chris told me that a separate startup was being formed at that time, outside of Fully Managed, that would re-write their existing documentation application into a commercially available SaaS application. I don’t even know if the IT Glue name had been decided at that point.”

René signed up an expression of interest, so that he would be contacted when the new platform was available. Shortly thereafter, NetServe became one of the first IT Glue customers.

“Adopting IT Glue was a no-brainer,” René recalls. “I felt that it was going to solve a number of problems I was facing – documentation, knowledge sharing, SOPs among them.” During the initial adoption phase, IT Glue became NetServe’s password vault. “We went live in only a couple of days.”

The Results

Today, René is an enthusiastic supporter of IT Glue. “We’re not quite at ‘If it’s not in IT Glue, it doesn’t exist’, because once something is in IT Glue you have to keep it up-to-date, but we’re close to that ideal.”

Since NetServe adopted IT Glue, additions to the platform have only enhanced René’s experience. Regarding multi-factor authentication (MFA), he notes, “We even helped funding the development of this functionality.” René also had praise for the new Document Editor and Word Doc Importer features.

“Our biggest value is still that we are aiming to think like the customer, act like the customer, in other words: be the customer.” Likewise, IT Glue is responsive to partner feedback and employs a continuous development cycle. René actually helped fund the development of MFA for IT Glue, knowing how important proper security is for the platform.

IT Glue has since gone further, attaining SOC 2 compliance, a move René applauds. The partnership between NetServe and IT Glue has been great for both sides, not the least because of a mutual commitment to excellence and constant improvement.



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