The Risks Your Clients Face with Changing Passwords

BY IT GLUE | October 12, 2017

When your clients need to update a password, do they have a secure protocol in place? What if the password is for a resource multiple people need access to? How do they let others know of the change? 

More often than not, they are probably sharing these password changes freely – which is incredibly dangerous. They might even send the new passwords over unsecured email, not realizing that they are putting their company at risk for serious hacking and cyber attacks. We’ve previously discussed the significant dangers your clients face when sharing passwords, now we’ll discuss the lack of protocol in place when your clients change passwords.

When passwords are changed, your clients put their company at risk

Employees don’t know how to create strong passwords and don’t know what to do if a password is changed:

With all of these worrying statistics, it is clear your clients are not taking the precautions they need to protect their sensitive data.

What your clients need

To eliminate the possibility these risks, employees need standardized rules. They need to change passwords completely (without following a pattern) and avoid having to share these changes. The strongest and simplest solution that you can provide your clients is a secure password management tool. IT Glue can play a role in that – providing a solution for passwords used by teams, visible through the IT Glue application, the Chrome Extension or our new IT Glue Mobile App.

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