Feature Release: IT Glue Chrome Extension

BY IT GLUE | August 24, 2017

Drum roll please. For all IT Glue and Chrome users, we are excited to announce our brand-new IT Glue Chrome Extension! Now all of the passwords you’ve stored in IT Glue can be accessed quickly and securely within Chrome. This means no more switching pages and no more copy/paste of usernames and passwords to sign in to websites and services.You can download the IT Glue Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store now.

What is it?

With the IT Glue Chrome Extension, you’ll have instant access to authorized credentials, whenever you need them. Easily search for passwords across IT Glue or within specific client organizations. All passwords that are saved in IT Glue will be available through the Chrome Extension – you don’t even need to be logged into IT Glue’s web app to access them. The extension also supports Single Sign-On (SSO), should your organization be using it.

How does it work?

Once added to Chrome, you’ll see it in the top-right corner of your browser whenever you reach a page that requires a password field. The extension will detect the URL, and will display the passwords for that URL. Clicking the password will fill the username and password fields. This is going to save your techs a lot of time. No longer will they need to switch back and forth between IT Glue and whatever they working on – they won’t even have to look up the password at all.

If you need to look up a password using search, not a problem. The IT Glue Chrome Extension will do a global search of all passwords in IT Glue. Or, you can click the “Organizations” sub-menu, and search passwords for a specific client. So whatever way you approach your passwords, the Chrome Extension is going to make your life easier.

Why is this awesome?

Managing hundreds, or even thousands, of passwords for your clients has never been easier. Not only does the IT Glue Chrome Extension save your team valuable time by eliminating the need to switch pages and copy/paste, it also strengthens security.

If you’re working with sensitive client credentials, the Chrome Extension prevents shoulder surfers from seeing confidential passwords. Since you don’t need to copy and paste passwords, you don’t run the risk of accidentally exposing important login information. This greatly enhances your online security, and further protects your clients.

Increase the speed of your techs, reduce time waste, and strengthen security with the IT Glue Chrome Extension. If you are currently using IT Glue, you can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store now.

For more information about how the Chrome Extension works, please refer to the IT Glue Knowledge Base.


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