Onboarding clients to new services can be a time-consuming and error-prone process when done manually. It is also worth remembering that there are, on average, about 10 services for which MSPs need to onboard every single client. This makes it quite overwhelming for all MSPs.

In light of this, IT Glue has made it possible for you to use your IT Glue documentation to streamline other parts of your business, specifically the onboarding of new services, through the Client Creation feature.

Client creation with IT Glue documentation

The more clients you service, the longer it will take to introduce new services and applications to everyone. Setting up your IT documentation to properly reflect your clients’ IT infrastructure and network environments can be a worthwhile process with many long-term benefits that will only multiply as your business continues to grow.

You can take advantage of your existing IT Glue documentation to streamline how you onboard your clients to other tools, such as vCIO, backup and dark web monitoring, with the new Client Creation feature. IT Glue users will now be automatically created as a client profile in myITprocess, Dark Web ID and Unitrends.

Onboarding multiple services for each client requires a lot of different steps and information. With this feature, you can make this process faster and easier by automating client creation in three crucial services that all IT professionals provide.

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Since IT Glue integrates with your tech stack including RMM and PSA, you can seamlessly leverage the account information you have to automatically create new accounts in the services you offer.

You can leverage the information you stored in IT Glue to streamline the creation of new accounts in the services you offer. IT Glue helps you leverage the one single source of truth for all client information to make various business operations more efficient when creating new accounts in other services.


Start maximizing your revenue opportunities by assessing your clients’ environments against technology standards right away with the ability to easily onboard your clients to myITpocess with IT Glue.


Unprotected assets in your clients’ environment are not only a risk to them but to your business as well. By automatically creating new accounts in Unitrends, ensure all your clients’ devices are protected.

Dark web monitoring

Protect your clients from the get-go. Get alerted instantly when user credentials are discovered on the dark web by automatically creating new accounts in Dark Web ID.

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