Manage Your IT Glue Access With Single Sign On Authentication

BY IT GLUE | June 28, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the release of another IT Glue™ feature for our Enterprise Plan partners. With the latest release, you can enable SAML or JWT based Single Sign-On (SSO) to make authentication easier and more efficient. This feature is currently in private beta, to enable it you will need to contact our support team [email protected].

What you can expect from implementing SSO for your team

  • Reduced hurdles in the sign on process and reduced stress for your team
  • Decreased reliance on passwords, one less password to remember (or forget)
  • More control for your IT team in regards to access management, one less account to deactivate if the need arises
  • Save time – Make room for more important things

Sign on and feel the ease

The SSO feature will allow all users to authenticate through a SAML or JWT based SSO service. Whenever the user goes into IT Glue, they’ll be redirected to their authentication provider. Assuming the user is already logged in at that provider, they will be immediately redirected to IT Glue with the necessary authentication token, no need to enter the password another time.

Here’s how it will work in IT Glue:

Increase your team’s productivity

SSO allows work processes to flow smoothly by removing the need to enter different login credentials within the same session. Signing on becomes almost fully automated which lets your team focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Since all access is custom tailored to each user and controlled by one single email and password, the amount of time spent by your IT department to find and disable access will significantly decrease. For example: If a user leaves the organization, you’ll spend less time searching for all of the areas your user had access to, and you’ll eliminate the risk of missing any.

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