Revolutionizing Network Management With IT Glue and Datto Networking Integration

BY IT GLUE | January 22, 2024

Several months after the successful launch of our IT Glue/Datto Networking (DNET) integration, we are thrilled to introduce a series of powerful updates that promise to revolutionize how you manage your networks and their documentation. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enhancements made since the initial integration, emphasizing the incredible strides toward intelligent automation.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the foundational integration between IT Glue and Datto Networking here. The integration provides comprehensive network visibility, allowing you to auto-document critical Datto Networking details directly in IT Glue, creating a unified hub for managing IT environments.

Level up your network documentation with intelligent automation

The focus of our latest updates is on utilizing intelligent automation to auto-document wireless networks, auto-create wireless passwords and auto-relate access points to their respective networks.

1. Seamless onboarding of new clients and networks

With the auto-documentation of Datto Networking wireless networks as new Wireless Flexible Assets in IT Glue, along with their wireless credentials stored as General Passwords, onboarding new clients and networks has never been more seamless. This functionality streamlines processes and provides a comprehensive view of wireless networks, access points and associated credentials.

2. A new way to manage dynamic networks

Growing organizations frequently add new access points (APs) to expand their networks. These additions will now be seamlessly reflected in IT Glue. Say goodbye to manual labor and information discrepancies. Our integration ensures a real-time reflection of the dynamic nature of your ever-growing networks.

3. Password lifecycle compliance for security-conscious organizations

Updates made in Datto Networking to wireless passwords are now automatically reflected in IT Glue. This ensures a single source of truth and ensures security-conscious organizations can now maintain password lifecycle compliance effortlessly.

4. Revolutionize network documentation with intelligent automation

The groundbreaking feature of auto-relating access points to their respective networks within IT Glue takes relationship mapping to the next level. This functionality offers an effortless overview of managed networks and the access points that make up each one, empowering IT professionals with unprecedented visibility into their environments.

As IT environments become more complex, the latest IT Glue/Datto Networking integration updates are poised to be a game changer. From seamless onboarding to intelligent automation and auto-relationship mapping, these updates represent a leap forward in network documentation.

Learn more about this integration and step-by-step instructions on how to set it up in this Knowledge Base article

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