RapidFire Integrates Network Detective Reporter Appliance with IT Glue

BY IT GLUE | July 02, 2019

RapidFire Tools recently announced that they have built an API-based integration between their Reporter appliance and IT Glue. Reporter is an add-on to their popular Network Detective software. For mutual customers of IT Glue and Network Detective, this data sync does some really awesome things, especially where streamlining and automating applications and services documentation is concerned. Let’s take a closer look.

How it works

With the API link between Reporter and IT Glue set up, the scan data available from Reporter will now sync into IT Glue. The information gathered supplements information synced from your PSA and RMM tools.

This data will be synced into IT Glue as structured documentation, with flexible assets created automatically. Where there are pre-existing configurations in IT Glue, this integration will enrich those assets with a greater level of information detail. What’s more, relationships will be mapped automatically.

For example, an Active Directory Computer will be associated with an IT Glue Configuration and to a Domain. A Hyper-V Server will be associated with an IT Glue Configuration (Server), and have Hyper-V Guest as a related item.

Reporter Integration Flexible Assets

Why is this awesome?

Based on the information discovered, Flexible Asset types are automatically created in IT Glue and the information is populated within structured fields. This not only automates much of what is usually a manual task, but it also saves you time to build out the structure so you can leverage the information right away across all your clients. This standardization means no matter which technician is servicing your clients, they will be able to find the information the same way every single time.

When IT Glue is combined with Network Detective Reporter, it automatically builds out relationships where you would expect them to be, something that enhances the workflows of your technicians. Relationship mapping is really the glue in IT Glue, providing your documentation with the context and structure that it needs to be at its most valuable. Cutting back on manual documentation and relationship mapping is potentially quite powerful, especially during large onboarding projects.

RapidFire’s VP of Software Development Win Pham explains the value Network Detective users will gain from the integration. “The Network Detective Reporter integration with IT Glue fills a frequently-requested need to keep IT Glue asset data up to date without the need to deploy RMM agents. This empowers both MSPs and SMBs to maintain accurate inventories in situations where deploying agents may not always be desirable, such as helpdesk-only customers or where a managed services contract is not in place. The combination of Network Detective’s best-in-class discovery and asset configuration data collection, and IT Glue’s robust flexible asset documentation system is a natural fit, enabling true workflow integration for technicians.”

The engineering team at IT Glue worked with the team at RapidFire to help them build the best possible integration. “RapidFire Tools’ use of the IT Glue API is a perfect example of deep automation and visibility that complements the data collected by Network Glue. With Reporter’s ability to automatically create Flexible Assets for a wide range of applications and services information, it’s never been more powerful or convenient to leverage our tools together,” notes IT Glue’s VP, Product Luis Giraldo.

Technical Details

The integration requires the IT Glue API, so will only be available to those with the Enterprise plan, and API access enabled. As an API integration, Reporter does not count as a data source. You will also need Network Detective and the Reporter Appliance, which is an add-on to Network Detective.

The integration is easy to set up. Once you have the organization created in IT Glue, the integration does the rest, including creating new flexible assets in order to make sure as much valuable documentation is created as possible.

If you have Network Detective, the Reporter Appliance, and IT Glue, you can get started right away. Just follow the steps here.

If you are already an IT Glue partner and want to learn more about Network Detective, here’s a good place to start.

If you have Network Detective and want to learn more about IT Glue, why not take a look at our demo, where we walk you through our documentation solution.

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