How Network Glue Helps Your Revenue Picture

BY IT GLUE | September 09, 2019

Network Glue as a money maker? Yup. We talked previously about the different ways that Network Glue can help save you money, but as much fun as saving money is, it doesn’t compare to making more. Since both make you more profitable, let’s take a look at some of the ways that Network Glue can impact your top line revenue.

Strategic Network Planning

Network Glue allows you to identify opportunities for change, especially in terms of network hardware. These changes are often revenue opportunities for you, but they can also be compelling improvements for the customer because they represent investments that support internal teams, and mitigate future expenses due to equipment failure. The network diagrams that come with Network Glue can be used to concretely demonstrate to your clients specific areas for improvement. Having this piece of tangible evidence that shows the client how one out-of-date piece of hardware can affect the performance of an entire location or pod can increase your sales both during the onboarding process and as part of ongoing quarterly business reviews.

Showcase Expertise

A lot of IT service providers have clients that haven’t yet been converted to recurring revenue. Whether legacy clients or new ones, clients on break-fix or piecemeal plans aren’t as lucrative as those on managed services plans. Furthermore, it takes more effort on your part to offer a larger range of services. While there are many potential barriers to converting clients to managed services, if you can show the value in taking a proactive approach, you should be able to build more trust with your clients. Network Glue doesn’t just give you expertise over your clients’ networks, but allows you to showcase that expertise as well. It can be an effective tool for your account management team to showcase expertise and convert more of those legacy, piecemeal clients into steady, recurring revenue clients.

Free Up Resources

We always recommend that a standardized stack is the ideal. Not that getting there 100% is ever really going to happen but it should be something you are constantly moving towards. Network Glue helps you move towards that. As your clients all get on the same page, and shift towards proactively addressing issues to reduce dependence on reactionary fixes at the service desk level, you’ll find that you have more resources – especially time – to dedicate to things like sharpening up your lead gen or sales pitches. Whether it’s spending more money on your sales team, or spending more time building out your marketing, migrating towards a standardized stack helps you refocus resources towards revenue-generating activities. The visibility afforded by Network Glue helps you get there.

While on the surface of things, Network Glue is mostly about saving time and improving profitability that way, it’s worth thinking about how you can take the information that Network Glue gives you and use it to increase sales, because those opportunities are certainly out there for the majority of MSPs.

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