How Network Glue Saves You Time and Money

BY IT GLUE | August 06, 2019

Time and money. Two things any MSP could use a little more of. Right? If you use IT Glue, you already know that we’re all about giving those two things back to you, and our latest product, Network Glue, is no exception.

You may have heard that we launched Network Glue in early May at Connect IT. As with any launch, the burning question is how using this new product will benefit you. We’re going to dive into some of the key ways, including first and foremost, how Network Glue allows you to free up time and money, while improving your customer service at the same time.

Say goodbye to site walks (and say hello to streamlined onboarding)
I love site walks (said no one). Even after the hours commuting to your client’s site, and carefully documenting everything, there’s still a good chance that you missed something. Nobody wants to deal with the burden of network blindspots.

With Network Glue, we eliminate the need to conduct site walks. It’s all automated. Once you remotely install the Network Glue collector on your client’s site, network information begins to populate in IT Glue, including all network devices and configuration details, all succinctly summarized visually in a network diagram. For most MSPs, this will cut 2-3 hours at least from the onboarding process, and if you’re not that good at Visio, it could be a lot more.

With Network Glue enabled, your processes become faster, more accurate, and more robust. Nothing starts a great relationship with new clients like being able to help them right out of the gate.

Increase your efficiency
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take network diagrams for instance. They make troubleshooting issues far more efficient by giving you the ability to visually pinpoint any problems with your clients’ networks. In essence, the network diagram is another form of powerful documentation, and we all know how good documentation allows your MSP to operate at maximum productivity, and in turn, give your clients the best level of service.

Reduce errors
Sure, automation takes the manual work out of documentation thereby saving valuable time, but one of its hidden talents is also reducing the chance for error. Whether you’re conducting a site walk or trying to get your new client up to speed as fast as possible, there’s always a risk that you’ll miss something, which could end up costing you down the road.

The more you have access to accurate and up-to-date information, the better levels of service you’ll be able to provide your customers. It’s that simple. So by using Network Glue, you’re enhancing your overall efficiency, and only setting yourself for a more productive and cost-efficient relationship with your clients.

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