The MSP X-Factor

BY IT GLUE | May 20, 2020

Do you have the X-Factor, that secret sauce that elevates what you’re serving to an entirely new level? When you have it you’ll find that internal operations flow like a charging river, and clients sing your accolades. What exactly am I getting at? World-class documentation.

There are a number of documentation platforms on the market, but there are drastic differences between how these platforms are designed, not to mention how they interconnect with the other tools in your MSPs tech stack that are routinely used on a day-to-day basis. If you’re not working with the best documentation tool, you’ll be adding time waste to your team’s day, rather than eliminating it.

An IDC study found that wasted time costs $19,732 per information worker per year, a loss of 21.3% in the organization’s total productivity. Every organization is different, so we’ve developed this handing waste calculator that calculates what this means for your MSP. I think the results will astound you.

When you have documentation that is structured, finding information is no longer a hunt. Plus, when documentation is centralized, constituting a single source of truth, the confidence technicians and helpdesk team members will have in the validity of the information will flow into having confidence when managing IT infrastructure.

Having an interface that is intuitive to use and provides an enjoyable user experience can’t be stressed enough. Engaging with a documentation tools interface is often the first stop when doing anything for a client, and the design should push you forward, not hold you back. The interface should ideally match the logic used in other tools it integrates with, such as your PSA and RMM, so that users don’t have to switch their mindset based on the tool being used.

Transparency is a key value add in any relationship, and documentation should not only provide this within your team, but ideally with your clients as well. Team members can work together, and business continuity is assured because all information utilized by an individual team member can be accessed by anyone on the team. Giving clients access to documentation establishes a level of trust, and allows a collaborative way of working between an MSP and a given client.

With a solid backbone of documentation, your team is more powerful as a result of increased efficiency and accuracy. Clients are happier with the faster service they receive and the elimination of errors, you best of all, your MSP becomes more profitable.

There are a number of reasons why IT Glue wins over other tools. The platform was built by an MSP owner who identified the need for a documentation tool early on. As an first mover in the IT documentation space, IT Glue has had the time to evolve and build the capacity for an agile ongoing development strategy. With features like a Chrome extension, a mobile app, the best security practices accredited by SOC 2 (Type II) certification, the highest number of integrations, plus optional add-ons including Network Glue and MyGlue, there’s no reason not to check it out. Want to learn more? Get a demo!

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