Cost of Waste Calculator

Our calculator will help you determine the costs you create from time wasted and process inefficiency in your business. Give it a try!

Use the calculator below to work out the real cost of not maintaining great documentation.

Number of Technical Staff

Focus on technical team ROI
1 100

Average Annual Salary ($)

For all employees
$1,000 $100,000

Gross Margin (%)

(Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold) / Revenue
10% 90%

Time Wasted Due to Bad Documentation (%)

Experts estimate @ 20-30%
8% 40%

Monthly Cost of Time Waste

(Number of Tech Staff) * (1 Month Labor) * (Time Wasted)

Monthly Opportunity Cost

(Monthly Cost of Time Waste) / (1 - Gross Margin %)

Calculations Explained

The monthly cost of time waste is based first on calculating the time wasted each month. In your case this is 20% of your teams working hours assuming 160 workable hours each month. This equates to 32 hrs.

Then it calculates the average hourly rate of your team. This is done by dividing your average salaries by 1,600 hours (a conservative estimate of total hours worked a year). This is then multiplied by your technical staff head count and 15% is added as a fully burdened cost. This gives an hourly rate of $4.

The monthly cost of time waste is this hourly rate multiplied by the time wasted above.

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