IT Documentation Software: An MSP’s Trusted Companion

BY IT GLUE | April 01, 2021

In this digital world, how you manage business information can make or break your company. It is quite common to see MSPs struggle with inefficient documentation as technicians have to scuffle through wads of paperwork just to find critical IT information required for their everyday work. This is where IT documentation software comes in handy.

If you are an MSP struggling with information management, an IT documentation tool could be the one you are looking for. In this short read, let’s find out why IT documentation software is an MSP’s trusted companion and how you can leverage this tool for business growth.

Why MSPs Need IT Documentation

There was a time when it was sufficient for all critical IT information to stay inside the brains of service technicians. But we are well past that stage now. The IT requirements of businesses all over the world are evolving every day, and MSPs need to keep up with this change without fail. The sheer amount of data generated by businesses can be quite overwhelming to manage without a documentation tool.

When you document everything in your IT process from client information to SSL certificate monitoring, you can ensure consistency in similar tasks in the future. It allows technicians to access the required information from anywhere without having to rely on their memory or wads of manual paperwork. Besides, documentation can also help you improve your processes in the future as you have access to a documented history of what works and what doesn’t.

Efficiency is another major benefit of IT documentation. As you can see from our waste calculator, a small five-person MSP wasting 20% of their time on bad documentation may witness an annual loss of over $248,000. A lot of this has to do with the productivity loss suffered by your technicians due to lack of access to critical information. You can eliminate this inefficiency and boost productivity simply by using an IT documentation tool that automatically documents everything for you.

Features of MSP Documentation Software

Here’s a list of what you could gain from using an MSP documentation tool:

  • Standardization: With a documentation tool, you can centralize your IT processes, devices, applications, passwords and other relevant assets. When these are standardized in a single comprehensive platform, you can avoid the trouble of running through multiple documents for critical information.
  • Integration with other services: Your documentation software can easily integrate with other services like RMM and PSA to ensure seamless collaboration and quick turnaround.
  • Documentation automation: The volume of information generated by IT technicians cannot be documented manually. You need to automate your documentation process with IT documentation software to ensure fast documentation and proper maintenance.
  • Knowledge management: Your technicians can create folders and subfolders within the platform to organize all the knowledge required to do their jobs. These documents can be imported to other platforms when required.
  • Relationship mapping: This is a great way to keep all the required information at your fingertips. You can link related items together on the platform and access them whenever you wish.
  • Secure password management: With a documentation solution, your clients don’t have to rely on insecure sticky notes to remember their passwords. The password vault can help manage your passwords securely.
  • Enterprise-grade security: IT documentation is also about ensuring the security of your critical information. With features like password vault, access control and more, you can rest assured that your information is safe.

When you can access critical information instantly from anywhere, it brings a new level of efficiency to your MSP operations. With the right IT documentation software, you can easily meet the requirements of your clients and ensure high-level security of their critical information.

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