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BY IT GLUE | November 17, 2020

I’ve written before about the value of standardization in your IT documentation. Certainly the “why” is straightforward enough—when the same types of assets are documented the same way, your eyes intuitively know where to go to find information you’re looking for. It’s the same reason why all the different apps in Microsoft 365 have a common look and feel. But it’s one thing to know the “why”, and another to know the “how”. That’s where being able to build the most effective IT documentation templates possible comes into play.

In IT Glue, core assets are standardized because things like passwords, locations, and contacts don’t change a whole lot from one organization to the next. But preferences for documenting other things can vary between organizations, which is why you want to build your own templates. There are a couple of different approaches.

RMM and PSA Sync

IT Glue has specific fields that are documented automatically through a PSA or RMM integration. This automation gets the basic information into IT Glue without added work. You can use third party tools to add more detail, or use our open API to build your own tool to add more detail.

Manual Documentation

There are definitely some things that end up requiring at least partial manual documentation. Using templates for those items is also powerful, because it at least makes the process of manual documentation easier, and more consistent, which increases the usability of the documentation.

Flexible Asset Templates

IT Glue also comes pre-loaded with Flexible Asset templates, which standardize the documentation of certain specific assets, such as LAN/VLAN configurations, Active Directory, licensing and Internet/WAN.

When you use the templates from the IT Glue template library, you’re not only creating consistent documentation, but taking advantage of the most effective IT documentation templates out there. For a list of some of our available templates, check out our Knowledge Base article.

To see the first-hand benefits of standardized templates, download our general IT Documentation Template below. Learn how IT Glue can help you to streamline your IT documentation, request a quick custom demo.

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