Limited Release: The Vault

BY IT GLUE | October 31, 2019

We’ve just added another layer of security to passwords saved in IT Glue. Introducing: the Vault.

The Vault is our host-proof hosting feature, meaning only you and those granted permission by administrators will have the power to unlock the passwords stored in the Vault. It’s designed to ensure that only the designated user can access the passwords held within the Vault using their own user-based passphrase. You are in total control.

Whether you want to add all your passwords or just those that warrant extra security attention, the Vault is there to give this additional assurance. All passwords are encrypted locally and can only be decrypted by the user-specific passphrase.

Why is this feature so valuable?

The bottom line is that it gives you added confidence about your security. Whether you’re not completely sold on the cloud, or you have pervasive trust issues (no judgement here), we want to make sure you’re feeling good about the security of your passwords saved in IT Glue. With the Vault, you don’t have to place trust in anyone but yourself.

We consulted numerous security and software experts and incorporated industry-leading security practices when developing the Vault. The Vault gives each user total control through the use of user-based passphrases, rather than implementing an organization-based passphrase that every employee shares. This means you don’t have to change the passphrase every time an employee leaves. In addition, encryption and decryption are only at the endpoint level on a user’s browser, and the passphrase is never sent to the IT Glue system.

IT Glue Security

Over 7,500 MSPs entrust IT Glue as the industry standard for documentation. We truly understand that your client information is the most valuable asset you have. That’s why IT Glue places a focus on making sure the data you store in IT Glue is the most secure with SOC 2 (Type II) Certification, SSO, audit logs, user permissions, MFA, and other security features.

With the addition of the Vault, you can benefit from an added level to the ironclad security we already provide to our partners. The Vault is currently available for limited release. If you would like to get set up for Vault, please contact your Account Manager.

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