6 Stellar Reasons to Work at IT Glue

BY IT GLUE | December 04, 2018

I think we can all agree that job hunting can be pretty tough. You have to find a balance between selling yourself and finding an organization that can sell themselves to you, too. Then you have to sift through everything you’ve been told and take a bit of a leap. If you’re interested in joining the #GlueCrew, here’s why we think you should take that leap with us.

1) We use our own product


How can you represent a company when you don’t know the power of their own product? Sure, you can fake it, but it’s so much better when you actually believe in it. We use IT Glue all the time regardless of department or position and because of that, we get to witness the benefits of our app first hand.

2) We’re in the midst of growing

IT Glue is growing

One of the really cool things about being in a company that’s in a constant growth stage is that we’re often coming together to brainstorm new and exciting ideas. There are no bad ideas. You can enjoy having your own voice heard and watching your ideas come to life and help shape the company. For example, the latest IT Glue Search feature came from one of our developers during one of our Hack Days. All said, if a good challenge inspires you, and keeping up with a fast-paced environment is part of what fuels your motivation, then this just might be the perfect place for you.

3) Passion & cross-team collaboration

The physical space of an office has direct impacts on how a team functions together. At IT Glue, our office is designed to facilitate collaboration and open communication between all levels and all departments. We don’t sit in cubicles – we work in open-concept, team-based pods and have everything from glass-walled meeting rooms, coffee tables and chairs, to the infamous Marketing bean-bag chair. All of our departments work closely alongside one another on different projects, and you’ll often find people pulling up a chair next to a colleague to chat about a current task.

We know that you spend a large portion of your week with the people you work with, so we pride ourselves on creating great teams that work well together. This extends outside of the office too, with quarterly department outings, and other opportunities for the #GlueCrew to participate in events outside of the office.

4) Transparency


We’re not about perfection, because truthfully, we all know that no company is perfect. Instead, we’re about continuous improvement. We’re about setting big goals and then brainstorming the best way for us to achieve them. Every quarter the entire #GlueCrew comes together for Townhall Meetings, where we get to hear about how each department is doing – their accomplishments, and their plans for the coming quarter. These meetings are a great way for everyone in the company to be on the same page in terms of our upcoming goals.

Each department also has their own way of staying transparent with one another. Whether that’s morning stand-ups, meetings, or one on one touch-ins, there’s always a time to share pain points and accomplishments.

We even have our numbers on a screen for the entire office to see. It’s not a secret as to where we’re at when it comes to meeting our goals.

5) Industry leaders


Not only do we attend a lot of industry events, but we actually held our first-ever user conference back in September – and it was pretty incredible. Our leading documentation app has given us a big name in the industry. People know us, and that’s an exciting position to be in.

6) Benefits & perks

IT Glue shirts

Pretty Sweet Swag
Want to walk around with the IT Glue Kraken on the back of your shirt? How about wearing one of our latest camo hoodies? Swag isn’t everything but oh, at IT Glue, we sure make it something.

Health is wealth
Which is why we offer extended medical benefits, including dental and your own health spending account. Plus, you also have full access to a world-class gym in our building. We’ve even been known to have the occasional wall-sit competition, if you’re into that.

The Kraken Arms
That’s what we call our in-house pub. Trust me, nothing says Friday like another “Beer Friday” gif coming through Slack and the #GlueCrew gathering to celebrate the week.

Rise up… or don’t, it’s your choice
You can enjoy Herman Miller height adjustable chairs (and desks) to fit any kind of mood – standing, or sitting.

I could keep going, but I think you get the point. We’re passionate about what we do here at IT Glue, and we’re looking for people who want to share in that passion as well. We’ve got a bunch of job openings at the moment, so if you’re thinking of joining the #GlueCrew we would love to hear from you.

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