IT Glue Product Update – Q3

BY IT GLUE | December 15, 2021

If you missed our Q3 product update and want to check out what our product and engineering team has been up to, here’s a list of some of our recent releases. These are aimed at driving additional operational efficiency across your business by making knowledge acquisition and process execution a simple, secure and structured experience.

ITG Partner Webinar: Q3 Product Update – itglue

Here are some of our recent releases.


IP Access Control

  • You can add an extra layer of protection to your data by limiting IT Glue access to a specified list of IP addresses.

API Endpoint for Activity Logs

  • With this feature, the IT Glue activity logs can be automatically pushed with a script to your preferred SIEM solution so you can unify activity logs from many applications into one place.

Personal Business Passwords

  • IT Glue has always been your centralized tool to store all your business passwords. Now, you can centrally store your personal business passwords as well.
  • If you’d like to disable this feature, you have the option to do so as well.

Workflow Trigger – Password Accessed

  • This feature triggers a notification whenever a sensitive password is accessed. You can immediately check for suspicious activity upon receiving this notification.



Document Expiration Field

  • This feature can be used as a reminder to update a document before compliance regulation schedules take place or to add an expiry date for critical tasks and action items.
  • There is an “Expires” column in the documents list view where you can see the expiration date —color-coded red for documents past exploration and yellow if the expiration date is coming in the next 90 days.
  • You can find a list of documentation with upcoming or past-expiration dates in “Global Expirations.”

Workflow Trigger – Document Expiry

  • It can also be used in the workflow trigger to remind technicians about the need to complete a certain task before the expiration date.
  • When this trigger is set up, people responsible for managing the concerned documents will receive notifications to keep them up to date.

Archive Asset

  • You can now archive legacy documents without completely deleting them. This helps you maintain a record of your client’s historical data and allows you to segregate archived from active assets to improve your search experience.

Automated Account Export

  • This ensures you have access to up-to-date IT Glue data if and when the main application goes offline. Get instant access to your data anytime and don’t ever feel like you lack control.

myITchecklists – Business process checklist templates

  • These are out-of-the-box checklist templates in IT Glue based on TruMethod’s industry-approved framework and process.
  • You can deploy and utilize them right away without the need for an advanced IT team to build out business processes.
  • These templates include business process checklists like “Getting started with vCIO process,” “Strategy meeting process” and more.

myITchecklist – Security checklist templates

  • These are out-of-the-box security checklist templates that include best practices for securing your documentation and passwords and also a series of incident response checklists.


Firefox Extension

  • IT Glue and MyGlue extensions are now available for Firefox in addition to Chrome and Chromium browsers.

Browser Extension – Password Auto-Creation

  • This feature auto-prompts users to save any newly created passwords on any web pages, significantly reducing the number of support tickets created for password resets.

ServiceNow Integration

  • Similar to other PSA integrations, the ServiceNow integration will bring in organizations, configurations, contacts and locations in IT Glue through one-way sync.

Kaseya Compliance Manager Integration

  • Search for IT Glue documents in Kaseya Compliance Manager and attach them to relevant tasks to provide evidence of compliance.

VSA 1-Click Access With IT Glue Credentials

  • Technicians can now log in to a remote Windows device and browse through applications on both Mac and Windows OS with 1-click access using IT Glue credentials

Priority for Q4

Autotask Migration to Rest API

  • Autotask is sunsetting its Soap API 1.5 version on December 31, 2021. Please ensure your IT Glue integration with Autotask is authenticated with an API User License to avoid any disruption in your sync.

Network Glue Custom Roles

  • Add additional granularity to who on your team can complete Network Glue administrative tasks, allowing time-consuming and sensitive network tasks to be delegated to trusted technicians.

Network Glue Unmatched Device Notification

  • You will receive a scheduled email with the total list of unknown devices that haven’t previously been discovered or documented in IT Glue, allowing technicians to review the devices to match or create new documentation in IT Glue.

Vault – Quick Notes

  • You can now vault organizational quick notes along with your sensitive passwords.

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