Use IT Documentation Templates for Documentation Success

BY IT GLUE | April 30, 2018

Does documentation ever seem like a daunting task that’s missing a clear starting point? We get it. With so much crucial information to document, it can be difficult to nail down how to do it. However, the key to mastering your documentation is to first master the use of documentation templates. Not only is a documentation template going to increase company-wide consistency and save you a ton of time, but it’s going to help you get started.

Think of a documentation template as your essential guide for documenting all of your data and SOPs. When your entire office is making use of templates, your documentation will be consistent. This not only makes it easier to document, but to use the documentation later on to enhance your team’s productivity. The best part? IT Glue has done a lot of the work for you.

The Structure of IT Glue

The structure of IT Glue is designed, and regularly updated, with your needs in mind. We know that every end user is different, and therefore every MSP has different needs and requirements for their documentation. Core Assets are assets that all IT providers work with and whose structure changes little. Flexible Assets allow you to create the specialized documentation that you need. Our templates for Flexible Assets provide a great starting point.

The Template Library

The Template Library in IT Glue is your gold mine. Here you’ll find an immense variety of documentation templates that cater to whatever needs you might have. You can have your entire team access these templates to ensure they are making use of them, and therefore creating consistency with their documentation. This saves you from having to micromanage the documentation building process of your team, because you know that they are all working from the same templates. The templates are accessible in-app, and our Knowledge Base article explains how to access them.

Don’t forget: these templates are not just for your techs. Our HR department uses IT Glue templates for a variety of essential tasks and processes on a regular basis. Whether it’s for interviewing different positions, the hiring onboarding process, or simply how to book a meeting room in the office, these templates are crucial for everyone.

Your Competitive Advantage

As you consistently work to meet the needs of your clients, having the ability to build integrations that automate your data and documentation input is increasingly necessary, if not mandatory. With IT Glue, you’re given a competitive advantage by having access to many integrations without having to reinvent the wheel yourself. We’ve already built many PSA and RMM integrations that will automate many of your processes for you.

By visiting our GitHub portal, you have access to a wide variety of scripts within our community. For example, our Swedish reseller, Upstream, just used our API to build an impressive extension to the Office 365 integration, including the capability to automatically create flexible asset templates based on the data you store in Office.

You’re never going to be fully documented out of the box. It’s an ongoing task. But using templates gets your further along, faster, than trying to document everything from scratch.

Essentially, your documentation doesn’t have to be a hassle, so stop treating it like one. Take advantage of the documentation templates that are available to you, and you’ll be rewarded with noticeable progress and a lot less time waste. For more on how you can save time, download our time waste eBook:

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