Unlocking New Insights: Integrated Executive Summary Reporting in myITprocess

BY IT GLUE | May 27, 2024

In today’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) landscape, effectively showcasing the value of your services is critical. myITprocess introduces the Integrated Executive Summary, a powerful feature designed to simplify the reporting process for MSPs. This tool streamlines data gathering, allows for personalized report customization and ensures that all reports maintain a consistent, professional look.

Here’s how the Integrated Executive Summary transforms reporting to better highlight your achievements and the successful outcomes for your clients.

Streamlined data compilation and customization

Gathering and consolidating data from various tools into a single, comprehensive report has traditionally been a time-consuming and cumbersome task. The Integrated Executive Summary eradicates this hassle, providing MSPs with a seamless solution that not only saves time but also allows for the tailoring of reports to meet each client’s unique needs. By selecting metrics that best reflect the client’s organizational priorities, MSPs can customize the information included, ensuring that reports are both relevant and impactful.

Cohesive and insightful presentations

Maintaining a professional appearance across all reports can be challenging, especially when dealing with disparate data sources. The Integrated Executive Summary addresses this by ensuring all reports adhere to a unified visual standard, making data easy to understand and presentations more compelling. Furthermore, the addition of insightful dashboards into myITprocess presentations enhances strategic recommendations, enabling MSPs to back up their advice with up-to-date, easily manageable data.

Key metrics at your fingertips

Recognizing the critical business functions for MSP clients, myITprocess has grouped essential metrics into three main categories: service desk KPIs, network risks and backup metrics. This organizational structure simplifies the process of data consolidation, allowing MSPs to focus on delivering value through efficient service ticket management, comprehensive security measures and robust data backup solutions.

Service desk KPIs

Effectively managing the influx of service tickets is a significant factor in building trust with clients. This transparency not only reinforces client confidence but also showcases the MSP’s commitment to prompt and effective problem resolution.

The Integrated Executive Summary provides deep insights into the following service desk KPIs:

  • Ratio of open to closed tickets: Showcases the MSP’s ability to efficiently resolve issues, maintaining operational continuity for clients.
  • Average resolution time: Demonstrates the speed at which problems are resolved, directly impacting client satisfaction.
  • Integration with Autotask or BMS: Enables the inclusion of service desk metrics such as ticket volume, time to resolution and adherence to service-level agreements (SLAs), showcasing the quality of service delivery.
  • Service delivery score: Offers a glance at your performance across various services delivered, including Asset Management, Software Monitoring, Antivirus and Patch Management, via Datto RMM.

Network risks

With cyber threats on the rise, prioritizing network security has never been more critical. This feature simplifies the communication of security initiatives, allowing MSPs to detail their efforts in defending clients’ networks.

From overall health assessments to specific risk metrics, MSPs can now provide a clear picture of the following proactive security measures:

  • Overall network health: Assess the efficiency and health of the network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.
  • Hardware component performance: Gain insights into the status of critical hardware to preemptively address potential issues.
  • Software application state: Evaluate software applications for improvements, enhancing functionality and security.
  • Security protocol vulnerabilities: Monitor and mitigate vulnerabilities to strengthen defenses against cyber threats.
  • Password policy integrity: Verify the strength of password policies to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Comprehensive risk metrics: Utilize key risk metrics from Network Detective Pro for a thorough security overview.

Backup metrics

Data backup is a cornerstone of any robust IT infrastructure, yet its importance is often overlooked by clients. The Integrated Executive Summary brings backup metrics to the forefront, offering a detailed overview of backup health and reinforcing the MSP’s role in ensuring data security and business continuity.

The Integrated Executive Summary provides insights into the following backup metrics:

  • Cloud-based data integrity: Gather insights into the health of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace backups, affirming data availability.
  • Endpoint and server backup health: Monitor the backup status of PCs and servers to guarantee data is securely backed up and ready for quick recovery.
  • Local storage utilization: Understand device storage use for efficient resource management.
  • Update necessity: Stay informed on devices requiring updates to maintain performance and security.
  • Backup infrastructure overview: Leverage a detailed look at the backup status across various platforms including Datto BCDR, Datto Endpoint Backup, Datto File Protection and solutions for M365, Google Workspace and Salesforce.

Getting started

The Integrated Executive Summary feature within myITprocess represents a significant step forward in the way MSPs manage, present and leverage data to demonstrate value to their clients. By streamlining the data compilation process, enabling customization and providing key metrics on essential business functions, MSPs can now more effectively highlight their successes and reinforce the crucial role they play in their clients’ IT strategies.

To explore this feature further and discover how it can transform your executive summaries, visit our Knowledge Base article or book a myITprocess demo today.

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