GlueXperience 2023 Recap

BY IT GLUE | April 26, 2023

Here’s everything you might have missed!

Thank you to all our dedicated IT Glue partners who joined us again at GlueXperience this week on April 24 as part of the Kaseya Connect Global 2023 in Las Vegas. It was great to see everyone at the event and connect and share insights with you all. Our community continues to grow at an exponential rate, getting stronger every year.

From our own CTO and GM, Nadir Merchant, to guest speakers, such as Allen Edwards from Eureka Process and multiple IT Glue Power Users who joined us on stage to share their own personal experiences, GlueXperience 2023 was a jam-packed day full of exciting sessions with invaluable knowledge for our audience. We also announced several exciting new features and integrations.

Here are some highlights from the eight different sessions we had at GlueXperience.

State of the Nation keynote by Nadir Merchant

Nadir Merchant, CTO and GM of IT Glue, presented the GlueXperience Keynote. During the session, he shared how the IT industry has evolved over the years, where it is headed, the opportunities and challenges faced by IT professionals, and offered a glimpse into the future of IT documentation.

From incredible time savings to increased service desk efficiency, Nadir touched on various benefits of implementing a structured IT documentation solution. Unsurprisingly, the future of IT documentation is bright, with more M&As and higher demand for automation and client collaboration at the top of everyone’s mind. To continue enabling IT professionals to help their teams and organizations reach new levels of efficiency and success, deep workflow integrations made possible with IT Complete, are at the forefront of the IT documentation train.

New Feature now LIVE: 1-Click AD Password Rotation

During the IT Glue Product Update, presented by Anya Perelyhina, Director of Product, and Wendy Har, Senior Director of Product Marketing, we had the pleasure of announcing the public release of our most anticipated feature — 1-Click AD Password Rotation. It is now available to all IT Glue users with a Network Glue subscription.

This feature lets you easily rotate on-premises Active Directory passwords directly in IT Glue with just one click to minimize credential stealing. The new password you rotate in IT Glue will automatically update in Active Directory, reducing human error since you no longer have to switch between tools.

With the 1-Click AD Password Rotation feature, you can view on-prem AD password details in IT Glue, including last rotated, status, updated date, and the network and organization it belongs to. You will also be able to bulk-rotate multiple passwords at once. AD passwords that are not yet recorded in IT Glue will be surfaced, so you can update them as needed and decrease security vulnerabilities.

Read the full blog HERE.

Panel session with IT Glue Power Users

What you see on the surface is not the only thing you get. There are many things that IT Glue can do that you might be missing out on. To get the true essence of IT Glue’s secret sauce, we invited three amazing IT Glue Power Users to join our special panel discussion:

  1. Adam Price, Technical Operations Manager, Nirico Systems
  2. Boris Marroquin, Owner and IT Consultant, Marrocova IT Solutions
  3. Kumar Rachuri, IT Security and Infrastructure Engineer, Maven LLC

They shared their first-hand experience and insights on utilizing IT Glue and leveraging all it offers to get an incredible ROI, higher efficiency and seamless automation power like never before. With IT Glue at the heart of their businesses, our panel members had some priceless tips and tricks to take IT documentation to the next level, such as integrating with existing applications from their tool stack, structuring documentation with workflows and relationship mapping to make it work FOR you, and so much more.

Creating a process-based culture with Eureka Process

Hosted by Eureka Process President Allen Edwards, this session covered how you can accelerate your business by reducing processing around people’s problems and producing consistently positive results, even when you are not there.

Allen also shared how you can get the most out of your greatest asset — your people — and how to implement a simple, practical and concise “how-to” on attaining a process-based culture with IT Glue with a live, interactive workshop.

Thank you again to our IT Glue community for your incredible support!

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