GlueX Day One Recap

BY IT GLUE | September 16, 2019

Oh, wow, was that first day of GlueX a show-stopper. What did you miss? Where do I begin?

The conference opened up with the State of the Nation address by IT Glue’s General Manager and CTO, Nadir Merchant. As the driving force behind the product development at IT Glue, Nadir is in the perfect position to provide an overview of the company’s direction. Citing extensively some of the coolest findings from the 2019 Global Benchmark Report, Nadir highlighted the way that we take information about the industry’s direction, feedback from our partners, and turn this into fantastic products.

Monday’s keynote speaker was David Robertson, the Lego Innovation and Technology Management expert. If you’re like most MSPs, you’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate yourself. Differentiation is, simply put, how you stay out of the pricing race to the bottom. Robertson’s expertise on finding ways to innovate incrementally – to build the little innovations that don’t transform the industry, but transform your position within the industry – left the audience pumped up and ready to get to work.

Plus, the audience got to make Lego ducks:

Lego ducks at GlueX 2019

The XaaS Panel was a lively discussion focused on being creative in finding new opportunities. Everything as a service is a rapidly growing segment in managed services, and the room was packed with MSPs looking to find new ways to increase their revenue.

GlueX also featured a number of other fantastic speakers on the first day, the announcement of a number of deals, and it was also the day that. Next year’s event will return to Phoenix (at the Westin Kierland). Right now is absolutely the cheapest time to buy.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic Day Two, featuring the IT Glue Product Update and a keynote speech by Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot hero in the Miracle on the Hudson. Plus, the IT Glue Product Update – lots of cool feature announcements there, so Tuesday morning be sure to go to the IT Glue blog page and abuse that F5 button.

F5 gif

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