Firewall Documentation in IT Glue

BY IT GLUE | January 20, 2021

Firewalls are complex tools. They play multiple roles and are connected to several devices. A client may even employ a combination of different firewalls. Therefore, documenting them may seem like a daunting task because of the sheer size of critical information that needs to be recorded. Due to this, technicians may be unsure of where or how to even start.

To address these concerns, the IT Glue Partner Success team has published a series of ‘How To’ articles, including one on documenting firewalls.

By following this advice, there should be no more confusion on where to start and what to document. Moreover, the documentation will remain standardized across different firewalls and clients, leading to consistency and saving your team a ton of time.

The best part is that your technicians will be able to locate critical firewall information in minutes and troubleshoot faster. Your clients will certainly appreciate that since no one wants their firewalls down at any time.

Sounds impressive? Well, standardized documentation is only the half of it. IT Glue even comes with automated documentation, making firewall documentation even less overwhelming. All you have to do is build a script with our open API to bring firewall information into IT Glue and keep it up to date. To top it all off, IT Glue allows you to relate different assets together, making it easier to capture devices, such as switches, modems or routers, that are connected to a firewall.

To learn more about how to document firewalls with IT Glue, check out this blog post.

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