Feature Release: Word Doc Importer

BY IT GLUE | February 21, 2017

IT Glue™ is excited to announce the release of support for bulk importing Word documents. This solves a major pain point with respect to data migration. We know a lot of you have SOPs in Word, so we’re hoping this solves from problems for you.

Individual or batch

You will be able to import .docx files individually or in bulk, up to a max file size of 50MB. So now you can import entire .ZIP files full of Word documents into IT Glue. Whereas before you had to cut and paste to get information between Word docs and IT Glue, now this process is much simpler. And with the importer, your files retain their original formatting.

How it works

The Word files are migrated to a specific organization and folder. Once the files are in IT Glue, the they can be moved to wherever you want them. The files retain their formatting, something that has been difficult in the past. With this new feature, images and text can now be dropped right into IT Glue into a single IT Glue field, looking exactly the way you intended.

Why this is awesome

The process of migrating Word documents just got a whole lot easier. No need for cut-and-paste if your documentation is in Word format. Simply use the importer to bring in the entire file. Then move the file wherever. And if you want to bring in a lot of files, you can now do that, too.

For more information, consult out our Knowledge Base.

IT Glue is the leading documentation platform for MSPs, designed to eliminate waste, improve productivity and help you hit your SLAs better. We are committed to continuous improvement, and this means we are constantly rolling out new features. Check our blog or our release notes regularly to learn about the latest features.

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