Feature Release: Runbooks

BY IT GLUE | November 08, 2017

Runbooks! You’ve been asking for it, and now it’s here, one of the most requested features.

With Runbooks, you’ll be able to generate professionally formatted documentation packages, in PDF format. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to have offline access to structured information in IT Glue™, but there are several other significant benefits as well. The Runbooks feature is available for all of our partners subscribed to the current Enterprise plan.

This new feature will allow you to create runbooks for individual, multiple or all clients at the same time. If you want a runbook for all of your data in IT Glue, you can do that. Each organization’s data is exported into its own PDF file, which makes it easier for you to provide any client organization its own specific data.

Runbooks will also help facilitate easy offboarding. Even the best MSP will experience a little bit of churn, and offboarding is definitely an area where you want to eliminate time waste. Runbooks gives you a PDF file that you can send to the organization and then move on, making the data handover process that much easier.

Runbooks also help MSPs have greater visibility into their documentation. The runbook creates a record at a given point in time, and this record can then be used as the basis of comparison later on. Furthermore, runbooks will facilitate greater visibility into asset relationships between assets within IT Glue.

You’re probably curious about passwords. We’ve thought of that, and built in a feature that masks passwords by default, giving you the power to unmask them only when required.

All told, we’re pretty excited about the release of runbooks and we know a lot of you are, too.  To get started, check out the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

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