Feature Release: At-Risk Password Report

BY IT GLUE | May 15, 2017

Firing people sucks. But it’s part of business, and of course there’s natural turnover as well. Regardless of how an employee exit comes to be, it creates vulnerability for businesses of all sizes. An Intermedia survey of SMBs found that 49% of respondents had logged into a company account after leaving. And a 2014 Lieberman Software survey found that among employers, almost 20% have no offboarding system in place to ensure that access to systems is shut down. Most employees will set up company accounts on their personal devices, creating vulnerability until those accounts are locked down. 

As an MSP, your role as trusted cybersecurity advisor adds a lot of value for your clients. When an employee leaves, that creates risk exposure not just for you, but for your entire client base. Introducing the At-Risk Password Report, by IT Glue™. Deal with password vulnerabilities proactively. When in doubt, lock them out.

What is it?

The At-Risk Password Report feature will provide administrators with the ability to generate a report on a user to see what passwords they’ve accessed and need changing. It can also be shared with a team, based on their access permissions, so everyone can work together to close any possible security gaps that may exist more quickly.

How does it work?

This report will allow administrators to see password access at the user level. There will be two tabs. The first will feature the “at-risk” passwords, being the passwords that have been accessed by a person that have not changed since the last time that person viewed it. The second tab will list all passwords that have ever been accessed by the user.

Why is this great?

An MSP using this report is capable of delivering best-in-class security service to its clients. Your risk of security breach when an employee leaves drops to near zero when your team can identify and change every vulnerable password in a matter of minutes. Build a process around shoring up password vulnerability, document the SOP, and make it part of your rhythm every time someone leaves.

Sharing the report

Administrators will have the ability to copy the URL in order to share this with the team, and team members can assign members to change all passwords for a particular organization, splitting up the workload in order to change all passwords quickly. Each user will only be able to see the passwords they have access to. The admin will be able to use the “refresh” button in order to verify that all passwords have been changed.

Tell me more

The password access report will be available for both general and embedded passwords, and it will also cover any user-defined password fields in flexible assets.

This password report is available on all plans. Only administrators have permissions to generate reports, but all users will still be able to change those passwords to which they have access to. These reports will allow for 100% of the at-risk passwords to be identified, changed in minutes by engaging your entire team, and then the changes verified.

For further information about how the password access report works, including information about generating and viewing the reports, please consult our Knowledge Base article on the subject.

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