Feature Release: IT Glue Ticketing Integration With BMS

BY IT GLUE | June 11, 2021

MSPs and disparate tools do not go hand in hand. Yet, more often than not, MSPs end up with disparate tools that are inefficient and don’t work well together. Apart from the obvious dent in technician productivity, this could also become a costly affair for MSPs in the long run. IT Glue’s latest ticketing integration with Kaseya BMS aims to overcome this common issue faced by MSPs across the world.

Thanks to our latest integration, all ticketing functions technicians can do within BMS can now be done within IT Glue. That’s right, view, edit, resolve, and update tickets directly in IT Glue.

The Problem 

When using two unintegrated tools for PSA and documentation, a technician has to open the ticketing platform first to view the ticket and then open the documentation portal to find relevant information, passwords, SOPs, etc. Then, the RMM tool must be opened to resolve the issue and the process has to be repeated to close the ticket on the PSA tool.

This traditional way of resolving an IT ticket is highly inefficient. Not only does it adversely affect technician productivity, but the constant switching between different applications also results in wastage of time that could be better spent on more important, revenue-generating tasks.  

The Solution 

To overcome this issue, we bring you the IT Glue ticketing integration with BMS. With this advanced integration, technicians only need to work with one single solution – IT Glue. Having the ability to view, update and close BMS tickets inside IT Glue eliminates the need to open multiple applications. Moreover, IT Glue data will always be at your fingertips, thereby eliminating the redundancy of opening multiple applications to perform different actions.

Other functionalities available through this integration include:

  • VSA integration: Inside a BMS ticket, technicians can see which machine concerns a particular ticket. They can then get instant access to all the data related to that machine to resolve the ticket.
  • IT Glue personal tab: The personal tab in IT Glue allows technicians to view the complete list of tickets assigned to them. This view helps them sort their tickets first so they can start working on them efficiently.
  • IT Glue suggested documents/passwords: Technicians can now easily find all documentation and passwords related to a particular ticket inside IT Glue.

Benefits of IT Glue Integration With BMS 

This integration can work wonders for technicians by lowering their resolution times and boosting productivity. With the time saved on ticket resolution, technicians can focus on other critical tasks that are of high priority. Not only will their information search process be streamlined, the need to switch applications just to view and update a ticket will no more be necessary.

For MSPs and IT teams, this integration can boost their overall ticket resolution efficiency, which will ultimately boost their profitability over time. They can also reduce the possibility of errors in tickets, billing and other operations-related activities through this simple integration.

IT Glue aims to make documentation simpler with every new feature release. This integration can help you take the next step towards an efficiency-driven ticketing process.

To know more about IT Glue Ticketing Integration with BMS, check out our feature sheet.

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