Feature Release: Folder Permissions

BY IT GLUE | April 25, 2017

Our Dev team just keeps doing it. Today’s new feature release is Folder Permissions, which refines how account administrators manage who can see what in IT Glue™.

This feature is another of the enhancements we are working on that seeks to make the IT Glue experience better for our users, in this case, giving them more control over access to information that resides in IT Glue.

Up until now, all folders have been visible to anyone who can access the containing organization. Administrators now have the ability to set permissions on folders. This provides greater ability to share the work of a department or team with a smaller group of users.

Once permissions have been set, teams can then go on to organize their documents and subfolders how they want. This feature is especially useful when doing internal documentation, as it allows teams with sensitive information, like HR or accounting, to document in IT Glue with confidence.

The following changes were included in this feature:

  • Permissions can be added to a folder to restrict its access to a subset of users who have access to the containing organization.
  • Once the folder permissions are applied, the same permissions will cascade down from the folder level to subfolders and documents.
  • The restricted folder and its contents are not visible in the folder listing to anyone who does not have permission. Folders without explicit permissions can continue to be viewed by all users with appropriate organization-level access.
  • Documents with any existing explicit permissions will retain them, in addition to their new parent folder permissions.

This simple permissions system is enhanced by the presence of a tooltip in the upper right hand corner. By clicking on it, users can see who has access to any given document and are able to change the permissions on the document.

For further information on how the folder permissions feature works, please consult the IT Glue Knowledge Base article on the subject.

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