Feature Release: Bulk Security for Passwords

BY IT GLUE | March 21, 2019

Managing your security information in IT Glue just got a whole lot easier with our latest Bulk Actions addition, Bulk Security. This initial launch allows bulk security for passwords within Organizations. Other assets will be added in subsequent releases.

Using Bulk Security for passwords within Organizations

Users can select multiple passwords within a single organization and update security permissions with one simple bulk action. Ready to say goodbye to manually updating security permissions for multiple passwords individually? We thought so.

Consider onboarding a new tech. You want to grant the new tech access to multiple passwords during onboarding. Rather than changing the security permissions for each of those passwords individually, with bulk security, you can now give your new hire access to all the passwords they need in one quick move. This ensures that you don’t leave something out by having to go in and change each individual asset, and even more so, it allows a simple task to stay simple.

By reducing, sometimes dramatically, the number of clicks it takes to set up or change password security permissions in an Organization, you’ll not only save time but also reduce the risk of error. It is now that much easier to ensure that the right people have access to the right passwords, at the right time.

Using Bulk Security with MyGlue

Not only does bulk security for passwords save your internal team time when onboarding a new tech, but it can also save you time when onboarding a new MyGlue user or group. During a new MyGlue user setup, you can share multiple passwords with your client’s main point of contact with just one click, or with a group of users with just one click.

Just as you can use MyGlue to securely share information with your clients, your clients can also share information as well, giving you more visibility into their IT environment. They can bulk update the security permissions of multiple MyGlue created passwords and grant you visibility. For example, sharing with you several web applications procured by the Marketing Team.

Next steps

Bulk Security for passwords within organizations is the first step for us to bring bulk security to our partners. Our intention is to support additional assets and to give our partners the ability to set permissions in bulk on a Global level across all Organizations. Any ideas on what you’d like to see next for Bulk Security? We’d love to hear them! Feel free to submit your suggestions to our Feature Request Portal.

Bulk Security, as with all bulk actions, is available on all plans, including MyGlue, and with access to Creators and above. You and your team can get started using Bulk Security today by simply checking out our Knowledge Base article for more details.

We hope you’ve been leveraging our various bulk actions releases, including bulk move and bulk delete to enhance your efficiency. Stay tuned for more to come.

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