Feature Release: Auto Documentation of AD Users

BY IT GLUE | July 09, 2020

Network Glue just got more powerful.

With this new feature, the Network Glue collector taps into on-premises and hybrid Active Directory (AD) users, and brings this information into IT Glue as contacts. AD user information enriches existing Contacts within IT Glue, and will now include information such as last login date, password expiration, and last password reset, all while maintaining full control over the creation of new IT Glue Contacts from AD. For those using the Office 365 integration with IT Glue, Network Glue will also enrich the Azure contacts on record.

Active Directory contact information is stored and accessed in a centralized location, and because Network Glue routinely syncs, you can be sure that the information you’re using is kept up-to-date and accurate. Routine, manual work is reduced to a minimum—even when you’re onboarding or offboarding users. Newly created contacts from AD are automatically synced straight into your PSA tool, keeping Contacts information in your PSA up to date.

For more information on this feature check out the Knowledge Base article.

With this new feature release, Network Glue only increases its ability to automate much of the heavy lifting involved with documenting complex IT environments, making you more efficient, and giving you more time to focus on high-value work. This is the second new feature we’ve released this year for Network Glue, and you can read all about the first one here in case you missed it.

Interested in getting a more in depth look at what Network Glue can do? Join Network Glue’s Product Manager Anya Perelyhina, and IT Glue’s Sales Engineer Travis Brittain, in this upcoming webinar to learn about all of Network Glue’s new features, including automated documentation of Active Directory users. Plus, get a tease of the product’s roadmap.

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