Feature Release: Seamless PSA Onboarding

BY IT GLUE | April 29, 2020

Our 2020 Global MSP Benchmark Survey indicated that 34% of MSPs are considering switching to a new PSA tool. For some it’s due to poor customer service, clunky or outdated features, or the PSA simply doesn’t have the functionality you need. Whatever the case, for those of you ready to take the leap and add a new PSA to your tech stack, this feature will make the switch painless.

IT Glue, as an open platform, constantly strives to enhance our integrations, and this update just makes it a whole lot easier for those that are looking to add PSA to their tool stack or switch to a new PSA.

With this, partners can now easily onboard their newly chosen PSA by simply pushing all of the information they stored in IT Glue into the PSA. This saves time during PSA onboarding as you no longer have to manually enter the information you already have in IT Glue to your newly chosen PSA.

Not only does this save time, alleviate a significant amount of tedium, but makes onboarding a new PSA a cinch.

If you’re looking to add a PSA to your tool stack or to switch to a new PSA, here are three tips to help guide your search:

  1. It needs to integrate with other tools in your stack, especially your RMM, documentation platform, and your backup solution.
  2. Look for a PSA that is multifunctional and supports you in areas of finance, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting, and finance/billing—it should streamline your unique workflows.
  3. Choose a tool that has an intuitive, simple, and modern interface that is easy for your technicians to learn and navigate.

For more information on how the new IT Glue mass push to PSA works, check out the Knowledge Base article!

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