Feature Release: Suggested IT Glue Documentation in BMS Tickets

BY IT GLUE | May 14, 2020

This new feature has me wishing there was an equivalent for everyday life. If you’ve ever dreamed relevant information and advice magically appeared the moment you needed it, your dreams are now a reality.

Last year we released a feature that made contextual IT Glue information, including the Configuration, Organization, Contact, and Location, appear within BMS whenever a ticket is received. This meant technicians get a good understanding of the configuration and organization, allowing them to see if there’s anything to be aware of while servicing the ticket. For example, whether there are any red flags or special notes related to the affected configuration, or if there’s anything about the organization that should be top of mind.

Our new feature builds on this, taking it to a whole other level and making the integration even deeper. Now, IT Glue documentation related to a given ticket, including SOPs and passwords, will automatically be suggested within BMS. This places all the information necessary to service the ticket at your fingertips.

Even if a technician is not familiar with the necessary steps to resolve a particular issue, they can easily review the suggested SOPs without having to toggle back and forth between IT Glue and BMS. This means that even the most junior technicians can service tickets, elevating their knowledge level to that of senior members of the team.

Helpdesks and IT technicians no longer have to look for information, and instead the information required neatly appears within BMS right from the get-go. The need to switch between applications is minimized, meaning that team members can focus on the problem or issue at hand, thereby enabling a focused approach to ticket servicing. As a result, more tickets will be closed in a shorter amount of time. To get started, all you have to do is establish asset rules in IT Glue.

Time waste exists in the space between tools in your tech stack. Most integrations are cosmetic, meaning they’re more superficial and lack functional depth. To close the space between the tools in your tech stack, only workflow integrations like the deep integration between BMS and IT Glue can achieve this. There are zero degrees of separation, and as a result you’ll achieve increases in efficiency and streamlined workflow.

For more information on how to get started checkout the Knowledge Base article.

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