IT Glue Feature Release: Enforced MFA and CSV

BY IT GLUE | April 21, 2016

The office is buzzing at IT Glue™ with a major release due next week. We are so amped, we just can’t wait! In the meantime though, we wanted to provide an feature snack for all our valued partners to whet your appetite with. Released and now live are some hot new features for your documentation pleasure, which are detailed below.

Force Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access

One of the most highly requested security features is now live. You can change your account settings to enable per-user multi-factor authentication (MFA). This means that if any of your users haven’t previously turned on multi-factor authentication on their account, they will now be required to use it. Click Account and tick the Settings screen and then tick the Require MFA for access to this account checkbox.

CSV export

We have added the ability to export table lists in IT Glue to CSV format for use offline and in other tools. This includes virtually all core asset types including domains, configurations, Flexible Assets, etc. It also includes the activity logs to allow for full audit trails. You will find this available as a green Export button. Activity logs are now also included in our Exports feature.

But wait there is more……

We also took this opportunity to add some great fixes around data management, import/export and many of the groundwork features for the upcoming mega RMM release. Stay tuned!

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