Driving Agility: Integrations and Automation

BY IT GLUE | June 29, 2020

In this second installment of Driving Agility, the focus will be placed on integrations and automation. When faced with unexpected events, the ability to respond quickly and do more with less is often an important part of survival. Obviously, when things are automated, much of the heavy lifting and tedious processes are taken care of.

IT Glue has the highest number of integrations of all IT documentation platforms, so rather than considering all of them, we’ll take a look at two brand new integrations we’ve released that bring a level of automation that isn’t found elsewhere.

Professional Service Automation (PSA) Integration 

As an MSP, your team has to juggle multiple clients and end users. Keeping all the balls in the air requires a solid way to manage contacts. An effective PSA serves this purpose, but one with deep integrations with your documentation platform—even better. IT Glue’s integration with BMS hits the mark. Now when a ticket is received, documentation in IT Glue is automatically pulled up within the BMS interface, including contextual information, such as the Configuration, Organization, Contact, and Location, and also documentation related to a given ticket, like SOPs and passwords.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Integration and Automation

Creating and executing scripts through an RMM (“automations”) reduces manual processes to a single click of the mouse. We just released a feature that now allows VSA users to execute automations right within the IT Glue interface, eliminating the need to toggle between windows.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios where these integrations would especially prove their immense value.

Scenario 1: Economic Recession

Interruptions in the market lead to unpredictable cashflow and a high likelihood of having to reduce expenses through layoffs. When your team shrinks, there’s no time for long, drawn out workflows, and you need everyone to be able to pick up the slack.

Say, for example, if a ticket is received and opened by an inexperienced technician. This individual doesn’t have the depth of knowledge and experience that’s ideal, but may have been retained because they’re new and annual compensation was comparatively insignificant to the budget. While this inexperience may have inhibited their ability to service the ticket, but because of the integration between BMS and IT Glue, step by step instructions stored in IT Glue on how to troubleshoot the end user’s issue are automatically pulled up in BMS, and the inexperienced technician can simple follow the step by step instructions.

Scenario 2: Natural Disaster

Consider the following scenario, which might sound familiar. The threat of a widespread viral infection forces the government to mandate the immediate closure of businesses and that all citizens should self-quarantine indefinitely.

Now that many of your clients are working remotely, additional security measures need to be in place to compensate for the security vulnerabilities from end users working from home and accessing company files and platforms. Maybe you need to quickly ensure all software is up-to-date or install additional security applications. Remotely logging into each device and completing these tasks is time consuming and labor intensive.

Through the integration between VSA and IT Glue, all that needs to be done is for a create and execute a script that will accomplish this automatically. Making these updates on an end users device becomes as easy as navigating to the workstation and clicking the button to execute the automation.

These are just a couple examples of how integrations and automations enhance your MSPs ability to function during challenging times. The list of situations where these integrations come in handy are endless.

IT Glue is an award-winning documentation platform used by over 150,000 individuals in 50+ countries. It brings together all of your IT information, striking a perfect balance between structured and flexibility. It’s a must-have for any IT professional.

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