Documentation: The Next Frontier for Kaseya VSA Customers

BY IT GLUE | April 28, 2016

Few would argue that to deliver a great service, and profit at the same time, we need to focus energy on people, technology & process. Sadly, process is often the most overlooked of these three key areas. Why is that? It’s because it’s perceived as a difficult, painful thing to fix. But is the ROI there to fix it?

Technology is supposed to make us more efficient and make life easier, but does it? It is estimated that IT staff typically spend 20-30% of their time looking for information. This is costing an average of $19,000 per employee per year, without factoring in the opportunity cost associated with making productive use of this wasted time.

Where does all the wasted time go?

Think of some of these common sources of time waste evident in nearly every business, but exacerbated in the world of IT:

  • Searching for documents and not being able to locate them
  • Recreating documents that can’t be found
  • Version control issues around documents
  • Consolidating all of the information into one document
  • Moving from paper documentation to electronic records
  • Storing sensitive documentation (e.g. passwords)

The inability to locate and retrieve information is affecting the ability of your business to serve  your customer needs, make quality decisions and maximize sales opportunities. It’s an epidemic!

The true cost of poor documentation

We thought it would be worthwhile to create a tool to provide some insight into the true cost of poor documentation for a business. A tool that would take into account the actual cost and opportunity cost to your business, begging the question: what would your people be doing if they were wasting so much time researching and looking for information?

Reducing the time waste in your MSP

Examine any geographical region, in any vertical, in any business and you’ll find a tremendous variety in success, however, one thing is certain: those companies which invest in standardization of technology and process almost unilaterally deliver better bottom line performance than their peers. Have you considered why this is?

Consider a leading, service-based business which can consistently:

  • Deliver fast, high quality service
  • Lower costs on labor and tools (i.e. better bottom line performance)
  • Charge the same, less, or sometimes more (think: Apple)

In order to deliver a faster, higher quality service for a lower price, two things must be present:

  • You must be able to execute the same tasks faster
  • You must be able to lower the costs to execute said tasks

To achieve this, you must invest in processes and documentation that will allow your team to be more productive by:

  • Creating and managing documentation efficiently
  • Locating information quickly and in a standardized way
  • Allowing for collaboration around documentation

What if you had a system that helped glue this information together for your team? What if that system was completely integrated into Kaseya VSA?

Kaseya + IT Glue: Better Together

Help your team become up to 50% more efficient by leveraging IT Glue’s powerful documentation platform to document both structured (think: blueprints or working drawings) and procedural (knowledge base and SOPs), integrated seamlessly with asset information provided by Kaseya VSA. Find out why over 15,000 IT professionals globally rely on IT Glue to house their mission-critical IT documentation.

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