An Open Letter to ConnectWise CEO, Jason Magee

BY IT GLUE | July 07, 2021

Dear Jason,

As I am sure you’re aware, ConnectWise has blocked IT Glue’s access to ConnectWise APIs, citing security concerns. Since Friday, July 2nd I have been very clear that IT Glue systems are entirely independent of VSA’s, IT Glue infrastructure is not managed by VSA, and there is absolutely no risk to our mutual partners.

I have been in contact with Tom Greco and Jeff Bishop on this matter and made it very clear that there is absolutely no risk associated with IT Glue in this incident.  It is entirely unreasonable that you have chosen to continue to impair our customers’ businesses with this action when it has been clear, for days now, that there has been no compromise of IT Glue. Regardless of your motivation, this is doing harm to our mutual partners and impeding them from doing business, for no good reason.

Here is an example of what some of our mutual partners are saying about this:

“We can’t run our business without this integration working, as new clients are not being synced to IT Glue for onboarding documentation.”

I implore you on behalf of the MSPs who rely on us both, please remediate this situation as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Nadir Merchant
GM, IT Operations Products, Kaseya

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