5 Reasons Your Clients Need MyGlue

BY IT GLUE | May 14, 2018

How do your clients manage their passwords? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re not alone. According to the findings in IT Glue’s Global Benchmark Survey, the majority of MSPs don’t know how their clients manage passwords, and when they do, the reality is pretty bleak.

At IT Glue, we’ve made a way to bridge this security gap and allow you to give your clients what they really need: MyGlue. Simple, smart, secure, and offering far more than your standard issue password manager; here are 5 reasons your clients need it.

1) Post-It notes don’t make the cut

When your clients encounter a security breach, they are going to ask serious questions of their IT service provider. Instead of fixing the problem after the fact, why not try to prevent it? Our recent MSP Global Benchmark Survey indicates 34% of your clients use Post-It notes to store their passwords. In the complex security environment your clients are facing, that’s borderline insanity.

Using MyGlue will help your clients implement password security best practices that give both you and them the confidence that their information is safe. When your clients’ organization offboards an employee, they can trust MyGlue to hold all the information they need to know regarding what passwords and other confidential information the person had access to. These can then be updated to avoid the risk of ex-employees accessing the information. Moreover, MyGlue gives your clients the ability to customize access for all of their staff – your clients can keep their passwords on a need-to-know basis.

2) Reduced cyber attacks

Did you know that the majority of corporate cyber attacks are due to internal sources? Poor password hygiene, like sharing passwords between employees and managers, is one of the largest threats to your client’s security – and yet, it happens all the time. 65% of small businesses don’t enforce a complete password policy, creating a significant area of vulnerability.

How do you know that your clients aren’t sharing passwords in an email, or succumbing to phishing attacks? The truth is, you don’t. But with MyGlue you can encourage your clients to implement proper security practices that reduce the need to share a password in an email when employees all have access to the passwords in MyGlue – including access on their mobile devices.

3) They’ll save a ton of time (and so will you)

Password reset tickets are a waste of everybody’s time. Tickets mean work, and when they’re password reset tickets, they mean unnecessary work because they could have been easily prevented. Allow your clients to say goodbye to password reset tickets by giving them MyGlue to store their passwords, alongside specific SOPs – like how to reset their passwords securely.

You know how much time you save through implementing documentation best practices. So why not give your clients the same opportunity to do so? This is your opportunity to act as your clients trusted advisor by leading the way towards more efficient processes. Not only will your clients save a ton of time, they’ll have you to thank for it.

4) Increased efficiency and productivity

Your clients don’t want to reach out to you for help with basic tasks – they do so because they have to. Inevitably, it takes up their time that they could have put to use elsewhere. When they use MyGlue, they’re given a self-service platform. Not only are they using it to document their own SOPs, but they can use it to access the necessary SOPs that you want to supply them with.

MyGlue doesn’t reduce the need for communication between you and your clients, it just makes the form of communication more effective. Instead of having to update you on changes within their organization, your clients can do that through MyGlue, and both of you will have access to any changes as soon as they happen.

5) More transparent MSP-client relationship

The strength of the relationship you have with your clients is a clear determinant of your success as an MSP. In such a competitive landscape, you need to work hard to maintain that relationship, or you risk losing your clients to MSPs that will. With MyGlue, you can rest assured that the platform will help solidify a unique relationship between you and your clients.

Transparency is key for a healthy relationship between you and your clients. When you have a way to consistently remain in touch and up to date with one another without having to interrupt the regular flow of work, you increase both your transparency with one another and your mutual efficiency. This decreases the likelihood of encountering problems down the road simply because there wasn’t a clear path of communication. Lasting, sustainable client relationships are the most critical path to reducing churn and accelerating your growth.

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