3 Reasons Why MyGlue is Better than Other Password Managers

BY IT GLUE | May 01, 2018

Why MyGlue? Glad you asked. We know how important it is for you to generate a strong and fulfilling relationship with your clients. We also know that in an increasingly competitive market, you have to go beyond the basics to accomplish that. One of the key ways to achieve this is by offering your clients MyGlue.

No, MyGlue is not just another password manager. Instead, while MyGlue manages your clients’ passwords, it also goes far beyond the traditional role of a password manager. Providing MyGlue to your clients will increase their efficiency and productivity alongside strengthening the relationship they have with you. So what gives MyGlue these capabilities? Here are 3 reasons why MyGlue is far better than standard issue password managers:

Value Added

MyGlue gives you a unique opportunity to add value to your clients’ organization. Using IT Glue, you’re already aware of the value the platform provides you, so why not pass that value on to your clients? Offering your clients a trusted, secure, and efficient platform to manage not only their passwords, but their processes, will effectively demonstrate your commitment to their success. In time, you can activate and build out other asset types as well.

Documentation Best Practices

Documentation isn’t just a best practice for your MSP. Its time-saving benefits can be felt in any organization when they’re baked into the organizational culture. That’s why MyGlue stores more than just passwords; it stores all of your clients’ SOPs as well. Consider how documentation benefits your organization, and then use that realization to show your client how they can benefit, too. When your clients recognize the power they have to save time and increase the productivity of their staff through MyGlue, they will thank you for offering it.


One of the most exciting and value-driven aspects of MyGlue is that it offers you and your clients the opportunity to collaborate together. Share data and processes that are necessary for your clients, and they can also share the same with you. Creating a common space for both MSP and client to share crucial information increases the efficiency of both parties, offering a truly organic experience. When the level of communication increases, so will the depth of the relationship.

MSP to Client
Share key processes (i.e. how to update a personal firewall and/or antivirus) and you’ll reduce the risk that your client will run into problems with routine tasks, or the likelihood that they’ll need you to guide them through it. These processes can also be easily updated if anything about your client’s environment changes. These changes will be reflected immediately for all parties to see.

Client to MSP
Is there ever information you wish your client could provide you on a more consistent basis, or in a more efficient way? Here’s your opportunity to implement that flow of communication. Let’s say your client is using MyGlue. Under Contacts, they list their employees alongside their employees’ permissions for various IT related things, and then give you access to view this. Now you know who the points of contact are alongside their authorization to deal with certain tasks (i.e. who has administrator permissions for the company website), and you reduce the time the time it would have otherwise taken to find this information.

Self Service

By taking advantage of collaboration, you provide your clients with a platform for self-service. Encouraging their own documentation, sharing SOPs and allowing them to securely manage their passwords will offer your client more independence, security and efficiency. How does reducing password reset tickets sound? If your client can access routine processes in a simple, easy-to-use platform, you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Step into the role of your client’s trusted advisor and offer them something that securely manages their passwords, but also offers capabilities that go far beyond that. Ultimately the benefits of MyGlue will not only ripple throughout your client’s organization, but your MSP as well.

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