4 Benefits of IT Glue for Virtual Teams

BY IT GLUE | January 07, 2018

A lot of managers and owners are of the opinion that a team’s work is correlated to the amount of time they spend warming their chairs each day. That view is actually rooted in a cognitive bias – we trust what we see in front of us more than we trust what we cannot see. So when we see someone at their desk, we assume that they are working; when we do not see someone, we are more likely to wonder if they are working or not. IT Glue™ can help your team be productive from anywhere and provide full transparency at the same time. Here’s four benefits of using IT Glue in virtual (aka distributed) teams.

Benefit #1 – Transparency

Transparency is at the core of making virtual teams work. In this sense, IT Glue makes a good complement to tools like Asana and Slack, where a manager can easily verify that tasks have been completed. IT Glue makes it easy to see who has documented what, and when. The audit trail and version histories tell you not just what each person documents but allows you to see how they have documented. You know when your team is doing work because it’s logged in the software. For managers and teammates alike, this transparency is key to holding team members accountable for the work they are supposed to do, and on the cloud, this works just as well for virtual teams as for office-based teams.

Benefit #2 – Team-based collaboration

Whether your team is spread around town working from home, or whether they are all over the world, IT Glue facilitates collaboration in real time. Whether this is working on SOPs or working together to solve a client problem, your team is able to access documents from anywhere, and see changes to documents as they occur. With things like passwords, it doesn’t matter who needs a password or where they are. It’s always at their fingertips, even more so if they have the IT Glue Mobile App.

Benefit #3 – Version control & audit trail

IT Glue comes with version control – you can see all versions of a document, and if need be, revert to an older one. Furthermore, the immutable audit trail allows you to track the changes to each document, who made those changes and when. With version control and audit trail, a manager can have 100% oversight into the team’s work.

Benefit #4 – Not just for teams

Virtual teams might not be something you’re looking at right now. But you might have techs who go to client sites. The owner, or anyone else for that matter, might work from home sometimes, especially on calls that come in after hours. Being able to work collaboratively, with full transparency is an asset for MSPs.

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