2016: IT Glue Year in Review

BY IT GLUE | December 19, 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year, but 2016 has been an absolute whirlwind at IT Glue™. Our rapidly-expanding team has been bringing out new features and integrations at a heroic pace, all with the objective of improving our partners’ documentation experience. And we’re just getting started.

We come from an MSP background, so we know what MSPs want. That is why we’ve made it a point to build out integrations with PSA and RMM platforms, allowing our partners to document client assets more easily. We added integrations throughout the year, so some might have slipped under the radar. Here’s the complete list.

One of the things our partners appreciate most is that we have a button right in the app that allows them to request a new feature. We want to know how our partners use IT Glue, and what we can do to make our platform more valuable to their businesses. So we keep launching new features, and enhancing old ones.

Consider the following powerful features now available in IT Glue.


GlueConnect allows MSPs to grant other IT Glue accounts or Certified Providers access to their IT Glue data. This is a critical resource for MSPs that use third parties to provide 24-hour coverage of their clients, or MSPs thinking of providing this service to others. Another use case is if an MSP wants to outsource some of its coverage, even within its own time zone. A smaller MSP, for example, might outsource tier 1 tickets to a third party.

GlueConnect is a fully-secure data bridge between IT Glue accounts, allowing MSPs to outsource their service desk with confidence. They have full control over security settings, allowing them to determine who has access to what via GlueConnect. The first two GlueConnect certified partners have been announced, Ontario-based GMS Live Expert and UK-based Inbay.

RMM Integrations

This was one of the biggest launches of 2016. Our development team built the architecture for RMM integrations, allowing MSPs with a PSA to enjoy fully-integrated use of IT Glue. And PSA data can be overlaid as well, if need be. We started with LabTech, Kaseya, N-central and MAX. With that initial architecture in place, we were able to roll out more RMM integrations as the year went on, including Ninja, Autotask Endpoint Management, Continuum RMM and Addigy.

While the RMM integrations were a huge product landmark, the GlueCrew were hard at work delivering other integrations as well. There were communications integrations with Slack and Zapier. We launched integration with Datto. The Lucidchart integration gave our partners the ability to create process diagrams and easily document them in IT Glue. And PSA integrations with ConnectWise, Autotask and TigerPaw help a wide range of MSPs improve their documentation. We even snuck in a Warranty Master integration right before year end.

IT Glue Library and Knowledge Base

We have been building our our knowledge resources. Our Knowledge Base is over 150 articles strong, all created by our technical writing team. The IT Glue Library, How To and Express features all provide further information about how to optimize MSP operations. The IT Glue blog and social media accounts are the portal to up-to-date information about the company, as well as words of wisdom for MSP owners.


IT Glue has always been a great repository for information about client assets, but the notifications feature makes tracking those assets even easier. The notifications feature allows our partners to receive a notification of an upcoming expiry or when a change is made to an item in IT Glue. This can be sent over email, using Slack or pretty much anywhere thanks to Zapier.


We know that unlocking the full power of IT Glue means getting techs to use it, and the Engagement feature is one of the ways to encourage the team to document. By making documentation more fun, the Engagement feature helps get the team in the habit of documenting. Once there’s a baseline level of documentation in the system, its value becomes more apparent. Before you know it, techs will start to insist that everything be documented — that’s what we call a culture of documentation.

Document Editor

We are continually adding new editing features for documents within IT Glue. Over the course of the year, we revamped the document editor to add autosaving, image resizing, drag and drop, and the ability to have both text and images in the same document.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Security is on everybody’s minds, and the big thing right now is multi-factor authentication. Once set up, a user can only gain access to IT Glue with their password + an authentication code, typically accessed on the user’s mobile device. This extra layer of protection ensures that access cannot be gained by others by simply knowing or guessing a password.

Don’t think our developers are putting their feet up, either. Far from it. We have several new features on the schedule for the next couple of months, including the drop of myGlue, our documentation platform for small business, available exclusively through our MSP partners. This will be an incredible opportunity to sell a value-added service to clients, so that they may also achieve documentation zen. Look for a Q1 2017 launch.

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