IT Glue – An Open Platform Manifesto

January 17, 2023

IT Glue – An Open Platform Manifesto

IT Glue affirms its commitment to vendor neutrality

VANCOUVER – March 11, 2019

Core to the fiber of our being is a deep sense of gratitude and pride for the privilege of materially improving the daily lives of our users. Our partners continue to prove to us that structured documentation of key data, processes, procedures, and the contextual relationships within, holds the key to unlocking unlimited potential for efficiency and scalability within any organization. We believe that IT Glue™️ makes documentation highly relevant and critical to delivering truly enlightened service.

We love that we’ve built an app – a platform – on which we rely heavily even in our own pursuit of Freeing Minds™️. Releasing a colleague or co-worker from the heavy burden of data trapped in their head, or helping a partner create instantaneous trust with a customer thanks to true stewardship of their data, are but two outcomes that motivate our every day.

IT Glue is not a single-tool company, however, and we’re most definitely not in a single-tool industry. We leverage the power and depth of dozens of amazing best-in-class software titles and apps every day, and we work tirelessly to link them together to support our hyper-connected needs and realities.

Since the introduction of our public API, more and more vendor-driven integrations have launched, and our Github community of automation experts and scripting wizards has been thriving. We’re absolutely thrilled to see how these tools and solutions are helping MSPs and IT teams everywhere multiply their reach, ultimately addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time: doing more with less.

Our future is bright. Our future sees all the things connected. Our platform is and will remain open. We will continue to build integrations with your favorite vendors and foster the growth of our connected ecosystem.

This is our vision for IT Glue, and our commitment is to see it through.


Luis Giraldo
VP, Product

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