Version2 was founded in 2007, in Chicago, Illinois and they offer cybersecurity, cloud services and managed IT solutions for clients who have a range of 5 to 150+ computers.

Version2 needed to consolidate all of their clients’ information into one place and automate everyday tasks. Keep reading to learn about how IT Glue helped Version2 create new standards and processes in their business with relationship mapping, integrations, flexible workflows, secure password access, and more.

Company: Version2
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: 2007

“With MyGlue, instead of having our customers ask for information or calling us if something happens, they have direct access to information such as vendor contacts, LAN, passwords and licenses.”

The Challenge

Version2 is a Chicago-based MSP that has 14 employees and serves clients nationwide. The company did not have a clear system of documenting the IT environments it serviced. Word documents and Excel spreadsheets were used widely to manage everything from customer inventory to network maps and serial numbers. This proved to be quite challenging and time-consuming.

Moreover, Version2 struggled to keep their passwords safe since they were relying solely on protecting this vital information in a password manager with a golden key. The MSP also witnessed information sprawl caused by using separate documents for every client and their assets. As a result, too much time was spent looking for the required information, day in and day out.

Version2 needed to consolidate all their clients’ IT information into one place. This would make everything stay connected and provide an accurate overview of any customer network.

The Solution

IT Glue proved to be the documentation tool that Version2 needed to bring together the different IT infrastructures they manage. With IT Glue, Version2 was able to safely store and manage passwords, relate assets and documents between one another and quickly find any piece of information they need in a matter of seconds.

In addition to delivering them with structure, IT Glue also provided them with the flexibility to customize their own Flexible Asset to conduct vCIO tasks. Version2 created and customized a Flexible Asset to track a backlog of items to discuss with clients during quarterly business reviews.

This Flexible Asset enabled engineers that are on-site to track a backlog of items such as aging workstations, machines that needed upgrade or machines that are reaching end-of-life or end-of-support. This structured information helps the vCIO discuss the backlog and prioritize projects based on the priority and impact on the business.

In addition, Version2 leverages MyGlue to collaborate with their customers and create a two-way communication channel so their clients are empowered to view and use the documentation that they have already set up in IT Glue.

“With MyGlue, instead of having our customers ask for information or calling us if something happens, they have direct access to information such as vendor contacts, LAN, passwords and licenses,” said Craig Weber, Senior Engineer and Partner at Version2.

He added, “In addition, our customers can also maintain a list of their assets. Our manufacturing customers have the option of maintaining the warranty information and serial numbers of their equipment. This makes it easy for our customers to access information. Moreover, this enables us to have all our clients’ information up to date and easily accessible.”

The Results

IT Glue turned out to be a great investment for Version2. IT Glue has helped them create new standards and processes in their business. This was made possible by leveraging the tool’s Core and Flexible Assets, relationship mapping, and secured password access and storage.

With MyGlue, they can communicate their value and keep customers in sync with what they are doing. More importantly, it has allowed Version2 to collaborate with their customers and nurture those relationships.

Using a documentation solution created specifically for IT professionals has enabled Version2 to be more efficient with automation and consolidation. It also ensures that sensitive information is always safe and everyday processes are more streamlined with integrations and flexible workflows.


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