Technology Services Group (TSG) is a leading MSP, supporting thousands of businesses across the UK in delivering a robust IT service, providing proactive IT support and deploying cutting-edge technology.

Innovation and growth are two key drivers for the business and it was this focus that led them to identify a significant need to address their documentation process, something they believed was impacting on their ability to grow.

Company: Technology Services Group (TSG)
Founded: 2003
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Employees: 560
IT Glue Partner since: 2017

“If IT Glue had been around 13 years ago we would not be in this position now. I am incredibly glad we have adopted the solution but can’t help looking at the size of our rectification job and wishing we had done it sooner.”

The Problem

Simon Harvey, Head of IT and Business Systems at TSG was tasked with finding a solution for this issue and after looking at the options, it was decided IT Glue would be the best fit to help take both TSG and their customers’ businesses further.

“We had previously relied on customer information being held in text files or spreadsheets, sometimes held locally by an individual and sometimes held on SharePoint, neither of which proved satisfactory when there was a need to recall or understand previous actions,” Simon points out.

“The process was time-consuming for the staff and we were experiencing a staggering loss of man-hours across the business – a loss which was ultimately hampering the company’s growth.”

The Solution

There were two big motivators behind TSG’s decision to introduce IT Glue’s documentation solution to the business. One, Simon and the team wanted to increase their operational presence in the market. Two, they wanted to improve the working environment for staff, improvements that would then be passed on to the customer.

“We wanted to start working on more complex projects with larger companies. While unstructured files are ok for working with smaller businesses, if you want to work with a FTSE 250 company you need to be prepared for the capture and storage of complex data.”

“We’re always on a look out for a project that will have a real world impact on customers and staff. With IT Glue, 75% of the workforce is technical so this means 200+ people have an improved working environment, something we can then pass on to the customers.

“This isn’t just a marginal improvement, but a significant improvement that has an impact on 1000s of user actions every single day. From the customers’ perspective, they are delighted when our team responds quickly and resolution is completed promptly,” says Simon.

Customer data is, understandably, seen as the ‘Crown Jewels’ of the business, and knowing it’s secure without the consistent need for the monitoring his team previously undertook is a substantial benefit.

“In order to protect the customer information there was a big demand to consistently research, check and audit security. Doing that in-house is very challenging and takes the focus away from other items such as deploying new systems. Thankfully, since we’ve implemented IT Glue all the security is taken care of,” he says.

The Results

Saving time means saving money for many businesses, and Simon is confident that the introduction of IT Glue’s solution will have a positive financial impact on TSG.

“Previously we had overheads at 30% per interaction when using unstructured documentation. This is like an additional 30% tax on carrying out work – it’s a drain on the bottom line. But now I’m confident that even in the early days, IT Glue will help reduce the overhead.”

Simon is very pleased from the results TSG has seen since introducing IT Glue. It’s proved cost-effective, freeing up bandwidth for them to focus on moving the business forwards and they are seeing the immediate benefits of working with IT Glue a significant win for both them and their customers.

“If IT Glue had been around 13 years ago we would not be in this position now. I am incredibly glad we have adopted the solution but can’t help looking at the size of our rectification job and wishing we had done it sooner. My advice to any MSP is to make the move now, putting it off will only see the scale and cost of the project rise,” says Simon.



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