Savadge Networking Solutions, or SNS IT for short, is a managed service provider (MSP) that offers enterprise-level IT services to small businesses. The company, which started by catering to just three clients, has grown over the years to become a well-recognized MSP with an extensive client base. SNS IT continues to expand its operations while ably sustaining its accelerated growth with the right solutions. Notably, SNS IT has been a long-standing partner of IT Glue and has been leveraging the solution for more than a decade to cater to the evolving IT documentation requirements of its clients.

Company: Savadge Networking Solutions (SNS IT)
Location:  Atlanta (GA), Savannah (GA), Charleston (SC) and surrounding areas
IT Glue partner since: 2022

IT Glue is like the IT bible for me; I can’t do anything without it.
– — Scott Cloy, CISO at Savadge Networking Solutions

The Challenge

Critical IT information scattered across siloed tools

The team at SNS IT did not have an organizational system to document their clients’ mission-critical IT information, and they were using disparate spreadsheets and Google Drive to store information. “Things were very chaotic. IT information was scattered across numerous disorganized spreadsheets, and we didn’t have a secure location where our team could find the information they needed when they needed it,” states Cloy.

The Solution

An interconnected hub that makes it easy to find and access IT information

Since adopting IT Glue, SNS IT has become intricately attached to the benefits and possibilities it brings to their everyday workflows. IT Glue helped SNS IT bring all the critical IT information in one place, making it easier for its team to find the right information at the right time. “IT Glue puts me at ease, and I can’t do my day without it,” says Cloy.

He further cites that the on-the-go accessibility of the solution is a game-changer for them. “One of my favorite things about IT Glue is its mobile application. Utilizing a mobile device with multifactor authentication (MFA) for on-site and in-car access proves really essential to our workflow. It helps me access the documentation anywhere, anytime,” adds Cloy.

With SOC 2 Type II compliance, IT Glue also gives SNS IT the confidence that its clients’ data is completely secure. “We have entrusted IT Glue as our sole tool for IT documentation. We aren’t worried that we have all our eggs in one basket because we know that IT Glue is a reliable platform with all its robust security features,” notes Cloy.

SNS IT also leverages IT Glue’s MyGlue add-on to foster information sharing and collaboration with its end users. MyGlue makes it easy for users to maintain and manage their own passwords and key standard operating procedures (SOPs) that SNS IT already manages inside IT Glue.

The MSP has also integrated IT Glue with its PSA solution, Kaseya BMS, creating a centralized ecosystem for all IT-related information. It has helped SNS IT considerably improve its employees’ efficiency and productivity. “Kaseya BMS stands out as our favorite solution for ticketing needs. Unlike the usual headaches associated with migrating ticketing solutions, BMS has been so easy to implement, and we are highly satisfied with its ticketing capabilities,” shares Cloy.

The Results

A single source of truth for mission-critical IT information

With IT Glue, SNS IT built a single source of truth for their IT documentation, streamlining the workflows and consolidating the knowledge, assets and passwords in one place. Leveraging MyGlue helps the MSP foster secure collaboration in document management with end users and ensures that all the information stays accurate and up to date.

IT Glue was the solution that SNS IT needed to not only put a stop to information sprawl but also take their IT operations to the next level as the market demand for enterprise-level services at an affordable price is ever-increasing. They adopted a robust, intelligence-driven IT documentation solution that has helped them be more efficient and streamline daily tasks while also growing with them as their business continues to expand.

“IT Glue is like the IT bible for me; I can’t do anything without it,” concludes Cloy.

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