Run Business Solutions is an IT Managed Services and Website Services provider based in Amarillo, Texas. With 120 customers and 4,000 endpoints to manage, RunBiz faced issues with automation and siloed documentation for their clients’ environments. Read on to learn how they used IT Glue to overcome their documentation challenges and streamlined their business operations.

Company: Run Business Solutions
Location: Amarillo, Texas
IT Glue Partner since: 2016

“We’ve been using IT Glue for many years now. It has been a huge time saver, and we all love the tool – from the way it speeds up daily tasks to how it works so flawlessly with MyGlue, Network Glue and myITprocess.”

The Challenge

Before using IT Glue, Run Business Solutions documented everything inside the ConnectWise Knowledge Base, which is in the tool’s Notes section. This resembled a notepad, and it was not a sufficient tool for documenting the entirety of all of their clients’ environments.

RunBiz has a lot of clients, and they need to ensure that their documentation is structured, safe and automates various aspects of their business through integrations.

The previous solution they used was not designed to be an IT documentation platform suitable for an MSP. As a result, getting that information transferred was difficult in the beginning and required a lot of discipline from the team to stick with it.

The Solution

With IT Glue, RunBiz was able to improve its operations through consolidation and by taking advantage of solutions such as MyGlue and Network Glue. Moreover, IT Glue is intuitive and easy to navigate. This enabled everyone at RunBiz to view their asset details and related items in one pane, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

IT Glue is awesome! By having assets broken down into core and flexible assets, you automatically have things clearly organized for you from the get-go,” said Chris Donathan, the Technical Manager at RunBiz. He is responsible for various tasks such as security processes, operational standards, documentation management and more.

In addition to IT Glue, RunBiz also uses MyGlue, Network Glue and myITprocess to further streamline its business operations.

He added, “In addition, our customers can also maintain a list of their assets. Our manufacturing customers have the option of maintaining the warranty information and serial numbers of their equipment. This makes it easy for our customers to access information. Moreover, this enables us to have all our clients’ information up to date and easily accessible.”

RunBiz used to share sensitive information, such as passwords, via spreadsheets with their end users. As a result, they had to send more documentation than required just to be safe that they had what they were looking for. Besides being a security risk, this was also an inefficient way of communicating and collaborating with clients.

With MyGlue in their tool stack, they can now offer collaboration-as-a-service and nurture their client relationships by being transparent with their documentation and enabling their clients to access their own data.

Chris shared some best practices for making the most of MyGlue for their business and clients. This includes setting up MFA for the end user and simply following the implementation guide since it is thorough and easy to follow. He also says, “Pay real close attention to Security Groups to ensure end users get what they intend to get.”

Security Groups is a powerful feature that enables you to safely share only the documentation you want for a specific set of users to see. You can speed up the process of collaborating with clients by setting up Groups in a way that makes the most sense for your organization and your workflows.

RunBiz previously used Auvik for network discovery. However, now they use Network Glue to get a complete overview of all the infrastructures they manage.

“With Network Glue, if we need to unplug something, you know exactly where to find it. If we are troubleshooting, you get loads of useful information, such as if a certain device is coming off of a specific switch or firewall. You can also see where the primary domain controller is and everything connected to it,” shared Chris.

RunBiz is also making the most of IT Glue by integrating with myITprocess. Before myITprocess, RunBiz wasn’t using anything for vCIO, but they needed a standardized way to create technology alignment. With the integration of ConnectWise and IT Glue, myITprocess made it a no-brainer.

RunBiz was able to use myITprocess to conduct alignment reviews, create client-facing technology roadmaps, expand businesses with current customers, and better align industry security and best practices to reduce ticket count.

By integrating with IT Glue, they can directly associate IT Glue Configurations and Flexible Asset information against the standards library to easily identify gaps and cut assessment time. Based on the identified gaps and unaligned issues, RunBiz was able to easily generate a ticket within their PSA, ConnectWise, directly within myITprocess.

The Results

Chris says, “We’ve been using IT Glue for many years now. It has been a huge time saver for everyone at RunBiz, and we all love the tool – from the way it speeds up daily tasks to how it works so flawlessly with MyGlue, Network Glue and myITprocess.”

Having MyGlue in their service offerings has given RunBiz a competitive advantage by prioritizing client collaboration and safely sharing their documentation. For RunBiz, MyGlue has also improved the onboarding process for new customers. “We can just set up their MyGlue account and give them instant access to only certain passwords and documentation. This will help us serve them better as well.”

Network Glue has helped them get a better overview of the IT environments they manage when doing a deep dive into a network or when troubleshooting specific issues.

RunBiz is expanding their business with the help of myITprocess, a solution they are now requiring for all clients for proper technology alignment. myITprocess has also reduced their ticket count by being able to align security solutions with best practices.



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