Before implementing IT Glue, Netsmart had their documentation in disparate tools, making it difficult for them to access and manage all their information.

IT Glue provided Netsmart with a clear, standardized structure to document everything in their IT environment so their technicians could find the information they needed, when they needed it.

Company: Netsmart
Location:  Overland Park, Kansas

“I am tied to it and am sentimental to IT Glue. It’s my roots in IT.”
– — Janelle Dunlop, Documentation Specialist at Netsmart

The Challenge

Frustration Caused by Critical Information Being in Separate Tools

With their documentation stored in various tools — passwords in an in-house server and information on devices, in SOPs and in their knowledge base — Netsmart had a tough time locating the information critical for everyday operations. They wanted to centralize their documentation and make it easily accessible to all team members in one place to increase its efficiency, save time and boost profits.

The Solution

IT Glue Simplified Their Documentation and Made It Easily Accessible

IT Glue provided Netsmart with a clear, standardized structure to document everything in their IT environment. It enabled them to easily manage all their standard operating procedure documents from one place and document all their hardware and software using an out-of-the-box structure.

Additionally, Netsmart is now able to seamlessly link and relate items to one another with IT Glue’s relationship mapping so their technicians can have a better view of the environments they manage.

Technicians and documentation specialists at Netsmart also love having the ability to attach files, such as PDFs, directly to IT Glue assets without needing to convert them first. This made documentation easy from the get-go. They could also leverage various customization options in IT Glue to meet the unique needs of their business processes and client environments.

IT Glue offered Netsmart the right balance between flexibility and a clear structure.

Netsmart took advantage of several of IT Glue’s integrations to automate documentation processes. Integrations with tools like ConnectWise Automate, Datto BCDR, Microsoft 365, Cisco Meraki and the Active Directory for user and contact information helped them in their daily operations to keep their documentation up to date without increasing the workload of their technicians.

Netsmart also leveraged Network Glue’s powerful automation to take their documentation to the next level. Now, they can easily understand the state of all of their devices and what needs their attention. Network Glue automatically gives them an overview of their IT environment, saving time and reducing human errors. With Network Glue, Netsmart can see how every device is connected to one another and instantly know the state of their network.

IT Glue and Network Glue together have helped the technicians at Netsmart supercharge their operational efficiency. Even if they had never visited a site before, they could always get a quick and easy view of the network and other information, like who was using a device, their contact details and much more. They now have no blind spots in their IT environment.

The Results

Netsmart Increased Efficiency With Structured IT Documentation

IT Glue made it effortless for the technicians and documentation specialists at Netsmart to quickly find the critical information they needed to do their jobs every day. This, in turn, made it possible for them to solve client problems quickly and provide only the highest level of services.



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