Before IT Glue, Maven’s Corp IT documentation was siloed, unstandardized, and difficult to find and maintain.

IT Glue proved to be the right solution for Maven’s documentation needs from the get-go, helping them become more efficient. IT Glue is now their single source of truth, with all knowledge, IT assets and passwords secured in one place.

Company: Maven
Location:  Columbus, Ohio

“IT Glue is priceless. I can’t put a price tag on it. It’s our secured and protected container of all the information we need.”

The Challenge

Before IT Glue, Maven’s Corp IT documentation was managed through the use of Jira and separate MS Office 365 documents. The information was siloed by each user, unstandardized and offered no specific structure to their documentation. As an organization specializing in IT staffing and consulting services, Maven requires robust, centralized documentation with easy access to all critical information.

The Solution

IT Glue proved to be the right solution for Maven’s documentation requirements. The company’s consultant, Michael Korting, had previously worked with another MSP, where he became familiar with IT Glue. Once he joined Maven, IT Glue was his first ask. Being familiar with IT Glue, Michael flew through the implementation quickly and showed his team members how to set up IT Glue.

Michael stated, “The IT Glue Knowledge Base and Academy are well documented. It clearly describes to the team here what needs to be done, how to do it and the best practices. So, this helped with how quickly we did the implementation. The setup was very easy. We started with SSO and then proceeded with our integrations, including Microsoft 365, Meraki and Intune. Maven is also getting ready to set up the VSA integration as well.”

The Results

It didn’t take long for Maven to experience the benefits of IT Glue. For Maven, IT Glue became the single source of knowledge, with all their IT assets in one place, all secured and protected. By centralizing its standards, the company’s processes became more efficient.

The multifactor authentication (MFA) tokens feature in IT Glue allowed Maven employees to share passwords with each other without being tied to a single-person authenticator. As a result, work was completed more efficiently without any password-access-related bottlenecks.


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